UFI at the UN Day 1: The Unexpected Human Rights Violation

UFI at the UN Day 1: The Unexpected Human Rights Violation

After arriving at the much-anticipated UN’s Commission on the Status of Women in New York City, the first day was, well…a little slow.

The United Families team spent almost 9 hours (!!!) waiting to register for the event. Our joints screamed and muscles ached, only relieved by moments of leaning on walls and sitting on ANYTHING that resembled a chair (or a bump). The situation was rightly explained when our new friend from India complained, “Talk about human rights violations, this is slavery!”

As we neared the end of the line, some women walked past us celebrating, holding their gleaming new badges in hand, raised like Olympic medals—the rest of us cheered—jealously.

Once I got my badge, I felt like how I imagine climbers feel after conquering Everest. But, this is just the beginning. Tomorrow’s a new day, full of fascinating tales and tantalizing intrigue.

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  • Janet
    Posted at 12:59h, 03 March

    Thank you for the sacrifice of the long wait and your determination to get the badges for access to the Commission on the Status of Women! Every pro-life, pro-family NGO is needed to educate delegates from all countries on the need to protect the civil rights of the unborn, and the traditional family (one man, one woman). Women deserve respect as mothers. I am glad you have such a positive attitude to celebrate the little victories!

    I am praying that you can reach out to all nations, representing that the majority of Americans are pro-life, despite our pro-abortion administration who is using our tax dollars to force countries to abort their citizens too.

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