The Grass is Never Greener

The Grass is Never Greener

by Ashley Corbaley

When I first moved in my house I could not help but notice how perfectly manicured my neighbors yard was. In the passing weeks, my husband and I tried our best to make our yard look as nice as theirs did, with no such luck. I even found myself growing jealous of their beautiful garden and wonderfully trimmed yard. One day I noticed a truck pulling into my neighbor’s driveway. Several men in matching shirts with lawn mowers, weed whackers and rakes piled out of the truck and began working on my their yard. For almost year I had been kicking myself about my gardening shortcomings compared to my neighbors, when it turned out that they hired professionals to do their yard!

“If the grass is always greener on the other side, its probably fake.” – Kamari Lyrikal

It is easy to think that if circumstances in our lives were different, our lives would be better. Some things in life are truly beyond our control. What it really comes down to is how we handle what life brings us. Our attitude is everything.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

We have the power to decide if we will be happy or not. It is our choice and our choice alone. While it is certainly okay and even necessary to have feelings of anger, sadness or discontent from time to time, lingering in self-pity and constant frustration or sadness over life’s pitfalls is not the best option. The truth, plain and simple, is that no one has an easy life. We all struggle and we are all in this journey together.

Just like my neighbor’s yard, it may seem like others have it all together. They have the perfect marriage, the perfect family or the perfect life and they handle every situation life throws at them with total ease. Truth is they are struggling too, just in different ways. So instead of comparing ourselves with others, focus on the things we can control. Having a pessimistic nature may make it hard to look on the bright side of life, but it can really be done.

Through all the ups and downs of life, remember that only you can determine your happiness.

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