Help Send the United Families Team to World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam! CHIP IN TODAY!

Help Send the United Families Team to World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam! CHIP IN TODAY!

The room was packed!  Several hundred people from many countries had gathered in a break out session at World Congress of Families IV.  The room was quiet except for my pounding heart and the soft buzz of interpreters behind the glass windows.  What could be said to verify that mother’s in the home have a positive effect on national economy?  Trembling, I began my prepared remarks with the words: “As the mother of 13 children, I understand the critical role mothers play in a healthy society.”   I hardly got the words out of my mouth when the room broke into a thunderous applause.  As I stood there looking into the faces of these wonderful people, I could see the great love they felt for the blessing of families.  Many of them lived in political and economic situations that would never allow them to enjoy the benefits of a large family, but they recognized the value of it just the same. It was heart warming to feel their support for families.

World Congress of Families is a gathering for people around the world who value the traditional family and wish to preserve that heritage.  They come seeking to be educated on ways they can strengthen families in their individual countries.  At the last World Congress we distributed hundreds of educational materials, collected thousands of signatures for the Canadian Petition to Protect Marriage Between a Man and a Woman and built relationships with pro family individuals and organizations that have enhanced our vital work at the United Nations.  World Congress of Families is a critical gathering in the fight to protect families around the world.

In less than two months United Families International will be attending World Congress of Families V(WCFV) in Amsterdam!  We are VERY excited for this opportunity to participate in educating thousands of people from around the world on the importance of the family, and to network with other like-minded organization to unite and strengthen the worldwide voice for the family.  To learn more about WCFV click here.  To attend WCFV click here.

United Families will be sending a team of experts to this conference and we need your help!

Our team consists of:

CarolCarol Soelberg a mother, community volunteer and committed pro-family activist.  As the mother of thirteen children and a growing number of grandchildren, she understands the crucial role families play in a healthy society.  Carol and her husband, Glade, were named the Untied States National Parents of the year in 2006.  Carol has served as Arizona Defend Marriage Project chairperson, President of United Families Arizona, and is currently President of United Families International.  Carol will be speaking and moderating a panel discussion on Intergenerational Solidarity Within Families.

Laura's FaceLaura Knaperek served for 10 years as an Arizona State Representative, during which she established herself as an advocate for children and the disabled.  As the International Policy Director for UFI, Laura represents family issues at the United Nations in New York and participates in international delegations.  Laura will be attending WCFV to network with other organizations to unite the family voice.

aarynAaryn Lind has served as the office manager for United Families for over a year.  In February of this year she attended the Conservative Political Action Conference and gathered hundreds signatures for the The Universal Right to Life and Recognition of the Family as the Fundamental Unit of Society petition and she is ready to do the same in Amsterdam.  Aaryn will be attending WCFV to manage the UFI booth as she educates people about UFI’s mission to strengthen the family by standing for family, marriage, life, parents, and sovereignty.

You can help us get to WCFV by chipping in TODAY!


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