Meet the Team

Meet the Team

From left to right. Front row: Brenda Sanders, President of United Families Arizona; Heather Sanders, journalist extraordinaire; Joshua James, intern at UFI; Shellie Baird, also an intern at UFI. Back row; Marcia Barlow, UN expert; Michael Duff, President of United Families International.

Take a good look at us. We may not be the best looking crew (I’m speaking for myself), but we’re your last hope. Ok, that might be a little extreme–but if you were here–you’d know why I say that (there aren’t too many here on our side). You might want to also take note that we’re all wearing our priceless badges that we fought so hard for.

This is the team in the basement of the UN building, the place Marcia lovingly calls “the cave.” The pro-family coalition has made this their favorite gathering place. In the picture we’re sitting on the ’strategy couch’ (I made that one up, call me Mr. Witty) where most of the dramatic, decisive decisions (yes, decisive decisions) are made.

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  • Christine Padgett
    Posted at 17:08h, 04 March

    After reading your latest blogs, it will be wonder if you do not come away very depressed. I have a hard time reading some of your reports because they certainly are not encouraging. Not that you have to encourage me, but discouragement in the direction this conference is going, the world is going, our nation is going.

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