New Year’s Resolutions? Bring them on!

New Year’s Resolutions? Bring them on!

goalsRachel Allison

Just over three years ago I was given an assignment that was overwhelming.  It was a forced “New Year’s Resolution” that was placed squarely on my shoulders, and I had no choice but to dig in, learn my responsibilities, rearrange my time commitments, and prioritize.  It was grueling!  Sixteen months later, the project was completed, and it turned out to be amazing!  I learned something about myself that I hope I never forget. ** I can do anything! ** (Well, almost anything…)

With the eagerness for accomplishment and growth that January 1st always brings, last January 1st I set three major goals for myself to be accomplished in 2013.  By mid February I realized that I’m a one-project kind of woman.  I unapologetically put goals number 2 and 3 on hold and began focusing on goal #1.

Remembering the forced attentiveness to my prior assignment, I tackled my #1 goal with the same determination and concentrated effort.  I divided my goal into five smaller segments, and gave myself a time line to complete each.  The target dates were my children’s birthdays. So the first segment was to be completed by May 16th.  After that, June 16th, July 30th, August 21st, and October 15th became target dates. These dates were my motivation to pace myself, and not allow for procrastination.

I set up my workstation near my kitchen…in fact as I cooked and washed dishes it was in full view.  Visually that encouraged daily attention.

The first segment was the most difficult and time consuming because I had to figure out the process and computer program that was going to help me with the rest of the project.  But I kept at it.  Of course there were situations and other temporary priorities that set me back a week or two periodically.  But I was determined!  I had to tweak my time lines a bit, but for the most part my goals were realized. Computer problems (grrrrrr!) made for a difficult ending, but on November 5th I finished the project!  What a great feeling!  What a conquest of my time! What a victory for self-discipline!

I’ve known for several weeks what my number one goal for 2014 is going to be.  And I’m sure it will take me all year to accomplish it.  However…three days ago I decided to add a goal #2.  It too is pretty lofty….hmmm.  Come February or March I may be backing out of one of them.  But I have the confidence that with time scheduling and a lot of self-discipline I’ll be just as pleased with my 2014 as I was with my 2013.  I’m here to tell you that if I can do it, anyone can!

1.  Set goals that can be measured…the more specific the better.

2.  Share your goal with someone you trust to encourage completion.

3.  Imagine the satisfaction you will experience when you reach your goal.

4.  Use that imagining to help you eliminate everything that hinders you from goal completion. (time wasters)

5.  Celebrate the mini successes you reach throughout the year.  They will keep you going.

You know yourself.  Make a list of what will help you make and keep your 2014 goal (s.)

Let’s do this!  2014….Bring it on!!!

**With fervent prayer, discipline, and sacrifice.**

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