President’s Spotlight

President’s Spotlight

United Families International In A Changing World

MikeDuffMy life changed a few weeks ago.  It did so in an inevitable manner, the same way it has happened for millions of other people, through all generations of time.

I saw the change coming.  I tried even to defend myself through obfuscation.  “I am not old enough to have children this age.  These are my wife’s children from her first marriage,” I stated many times, leaving out the part about being the first husband.  Despite these protestations, after 26 years of marriage, I was certifiably different!  I was an old man!  I was…..a grandfather!

The truth is that despite the fact that I am now different, there is a part of me that is pleased.  I am proud to have a good son with a beautiful wife who together, have through the proper manner, marriage, brought joy to my life and added to the rising generation.

But my life is different in other ways too.  In fact, the whole world and the lives of the billions of us that inhabit it are different, when compared to the world our fathers knew.

In our father’s world, the family was the fundamental unit of society.  The marriage of a man and a woman was reverentially and legally sanctified so that a new generation could, in an orderly and civil fashion, be born, educated, and trained ( the term used was “raised”) to interact socially and economically in peace as they eventually assumed their responsibility to run the world.

Words like accountability, responsibility, civility, duty, honor, integrity, fidelity, education, justice, and spirituality had meaning.  Nations and governments were formed to protect and promote the institutions of family and marriage, and the best interests of those acting to honor and uphold them.

The new world my granddaughter was born into is vastly different.  In this world, no one is to be held accountable for their actions or decisions.  You are only responsible to yourself and your own whims.  Civility is gone because if someone disagrees with you, you are offended and they are bigots and haters.  A person’s only duty is to be politically correct.  Honor is only paid to those resources, namely money, which allows you to pursue your whims.  Integrity means your publicist can issue an apology without actually admitting any wrong doing. Fidelity? Oh, heck, just love the one you are with.  Shunning enlightenment, knowledge, and truth, today’s society seeks diplomas and degrees without the burden of being educated.  The concept of equal justice for all has been superseded by a legal system wherein the players who can get the laws written their way win, ignoring that which is just.  Spirituality is to be mocked and driven out of public life.

Indeed, today’s popular culture advocates that what is wrong is right, and what is right is wrong.  This leaves us at an historic crossroads. For the first time in human history, an entire generation is being urged to come together into a global society whose values are in direct conflict with their own best interests.

Social scientists have been researching and documenting the impact of these societal changes.  Their data supports what you, as a supporter of United Families International (UFI), believe; that individuals, communities, and nations benefit by honoring and sustaining the institutions of marriage and family.

For all of my adult life, I have been personally and professionally involved in domestic policy, international relations, trade, economics, politics, and family advocacy, preparing for, and participating in the fight to preserve the family.  Now, I am pleased, as the new President of UFI, to implement plans and programs to make our organization the premier family advocacy group in the world.

By developing chapters in nations around the world, we will educate people that marriage and family are to be highly valued. Soon, you will see United Families USA, United Families Canada and similar chapters in nations around the world.  To increase our ability to positively impact local affairs, state, provincial, and regional chapters will be formed.

Through the influence of UFI chapter supporters, the domestic family policies of many nations will be enhanced. Then, these nations will send delegations to the United Nations (UN) intent on working with UFI and our coalition partners to secure their national sovereignty, protect and promote the family as the fundamental unit of society, and create a culture of life, protecting the unborn, the innocent, and the aged.

You will see our new legal affairs team intervening to stem the actions of activist judges and agenda-driven radicals intent on destroying the legal underpinnings of marriage and family.  You will see UFI offer more social science research data to policy makers, educators, and the public-at-large illustrating the positive impacts of pro-family policies on every individual, community, and nation.

You may already have seen aspects of our expanded domestic and international educational outreach program featuring; our electronic newsletter UFI Daily Update, highlighting family related news items of interest from around the world circulated to UFI supporters and policymakers; the aggressive distribution of UFI’s message via daily blogging, Twitter, Face book, You tube, and other social networking tools; and UFI Weekly Alerts, electronic issue alerts that explain in detail issues and actions critical in the fight to protect the family.  We will instigate high profile, multimedia education campaigns featuring sympathetic policy makers, policy experts, and social scientists educating the public on the distinct advantages of pro-family policies.

We will continue to support the growth of the world renowned Stay Alive AIDS prevention and education program. Nothing can be more important to our organization than to re-institute the family as the cornerstone of life for children orphaned and victimized by the ravages of the AIDS epidemic in various countries in Africa and around the world.

To facilitate the implementation of these aggressive plans, we have already formulated organizational governance and operations enhancements. These include a comprehensive fundraising program designed to fully fund the increase in annual program activities.  We will also establish an endowment fund to ensure the financial viability of UFI into the future.

As President of UFI, neither I nor my team of dedicated professionals can carry the fight alone. As our radical opposition increases, we are forced to increase activities at the international, national, and state/provincial levels of UFI.  Won’t you please lend us your heart, your hands, and your financial support?

In the weeks and months ahead, your local chapters will notify you of issues impacting your family directly and how you can take action. We will show you how to share your views with local and national policy makers. We will share information with you that makes it easy to teach your friends and neighbors why supporting the family is beneficial.

Please gather your family and consider what level of commitment you can make to ensure the benefits of strong families for generations to come.  As you look into their faces, you will have a renewed understanding of why it is so important to support UFI today! After all, one day your children will compare their world to that which their fathers left them.  What kind of a world will it be said you left them?

You can make an online donation of $25, $50, $100, $500 or or whatever you can afford now.  Or if you prefer print this form and mail a check, or donate using PayPal.  Your contribution is needed now more than ever!  Can we count on you?

  • Wanda
    Posted at 12:25h, 22 September

    Thank you for all you do to uphold the institutions of marriage and family as you do. Your effective efforts have never been more critical.

  • Lyndi
    Posted at 13:30h, 05 October

    I’m grateful that your granddaugther has someone who will fight for the rights of the traditional family.

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