Tiger’s Apology

Tiger’s Apology

Tiger Woods spoke publicly today for the first time since the open revelation of his affairs. Tiger’s delivery was rather stoic and I’m sure many will doubt his motives or mock his words, but I’m grateful that he’s willing to apologize.

He gave voice to the family and it’s importance today. Whether or not he’s stood by those principles of commitment or not, he did give them voice.

I haven’t heard a celebrity of any kind reaffirm the importance of the family in a long time.

Today I was reading an article about all the celebrities that have openly adopted untraditional views on marriage.  The article included Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and many more. They were all verbal about their lifestyles.

The fact that ANY celebrities have used a national stage to promote traditional marriage is a good thing. Even if Tiger struggles to live by what he said today, at least he’s made it clear that committed, loving marriages are the ideal.

Marriages can be difficult to maintain, but they’re worth it. Thanks for being strong enough to speak the truth Tiger, now we’re all hoping you (and the rest of us) can live by it.


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