Day 10: Traditional Families

Day 10: Traditional Families

by: Carol Soelberg

I joined the UFI team at CSW on Monday morning for the second week.  It was a beautiful day in NYC and I was excited to be engaged in the work of protecting families.  I had forgotten that the second week always begins with the International Day of the Women so I was unprepared for what greeted me inside the UN walls.  The halls were bustling with beautiful women from many nations smartly dressed in their native attire.  It thrilled me to see their beauty and feel the power of their femininity.

The POWER of FEMININTY—that is the focus of everyone at CSW—there are just vastly different interpretations of the source of that power.  The feminists fight for making women more like men.  They want us to do their jobs, have their responsibilities and fulfill their roles.  They feel being “different” from men makes women “unequal” to men.  Anatomy and social science research support the pro-family interpretation that the power of femininity rests in our differences to men not in becoming like men.

Delegates and CSW participants

The first event I attended bore this reality out.  It consisted of a panel discussion entitled “The Critical Role of Mothers”. Sponsored by the countries of Saint Lucia, Iran, Qatar, and Syria, there was a diverse representation of cultures and experiences. Noble prize winning economist Gary Becker was quoted as saying that development within a country can occur only when there is human capital.  Human Capital consists of children trained by mothers in the home with core values to perpetuate the civil virtues of society. For mothers to be able to do this properly, fathers must be present in the workplace thus providing the necessary home stability.  Over and over the point was emphasized that mothers are foundational to character development of children and that if women abdicate their roles as mother to assume the roles of men, there will be no individuals to create cultural prosperity.  Any diversion from traditional families causes failure in societies!

Our challenge as a UFI team is to get this message across the negotiating table to the delegates who are creating the documents that affect the families of the world.  The truth is here.  And we are determined to protect it.

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