UFI in Amsterdam at WCFV

UFI in Amsterdam at WCFV

UFI has landed in Amsterdam! The Dutch media has not been welcoming to World Congress of Families (WCF)  attendees. With all of the negative media people all over the Netherlands have become aware of WCF.  World Congress is taking all of the media attention as a great opportunity to educate the peole of  the Neatherlands about the importance of families. WCF is expecting good things to come of all of the press attention, it is givig the pro-family voice the prefect channel to get the message out and heard.

UFI is excited to share our five respects: Marriage, Family, Life, Parents and Soverignty with the Neatherlands!

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  • Missy Spriva
    Posted at 16:54h, 10 August

    The mainstream media – all across the world, would have us believe that the traditional family is not normal and that every alternative type lifestyle is norm. The truth is, the traditional family is the norm. Thanks to UFI for being a part of spreading the word. I hope the people in the Netherlands and Europe appreciate their efforts.

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