UFI to Attend World Congress of Families V

UFI to Attend World Congress of Families V

United Families International has been dedicated to securing a future for the family for 30years and will be attending the World Congress of Families V (WCF) in Amsterdam at the RAI Centre, with participants representing more than fifty countries, from August 10-12, 2009.

Within the last week WCF has faced vandalism to the EuroCongress building from anti-family groups opposing the pro-family movement. UFI, a participant of WCF since its beginning in 1997, stands strong in our pro-family cause and will not be intimidated by these criminal acts. UFI will be joining the Amsterdam Congress despite the opposition’s criminal tactics to scare pro-family supporters away.
UFI will be well represented at the congress, in an effort to arm our organization for the battles to defend marriage and family. Seasoned board member Lauralee Christensen will be representing UFI and speaking at the conference. UFI will distribute valuable educational tools to organizations and individuals around the world so all can more forward protecting and defending the family.

We are often asked how we fund our projects and travel to international events. It is only through the generosity of our financial supporters — you — that this is made possible. Each of our projects is aimed at strengthening families. Without you, we are powerless to engage in any of our efforts. We are at a crucial stage now and our need for financial support is critical.

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