Who Is Harry Dent And How Does The Degradation Of The Natural Family Affect My Future?

Who Is Harry Dent And How Does The Degradation Of The Natural Family Affect My Future?

Harry Dent, Founder of H.S. Dent Investment Management and formerly with Bane & Company, is just one of the many renowned experts sounding the alarm in Demographic Bomb.

As for his credentials… Dent is the man who accurately predicted over 20 years ago the decade-long Japanese economic downturn and the approximate date that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) would break 10,000.

But what is really remarkable about Dent and those specific predictions is that most experts thought to the point of derision directed at Dent in some cases that both of the above events were highly unlikely at the time that Dent made his pronouncements.

But Dent risked ridicule… stepped onto a ledge and not only proclaimed that both events could happen but accurately predicted approximately when both events would happen.

And Dent also predicted the economic crash-and-burn of 2008. While the rationale and methodology utilized in making this prediction is quite extensive, Dent illustrates the basis of the prediction by imposing two distinct graphs on top of each other.

The first graph (the green bars in the picture below) is representative of the Dow Jones Industrial from the start of the post-World War II baby-boom through 2008 (just prior to the crash of 2008).

The second graph (the blue and purple bars in the picture below) is representative of birth rates in the United States from the start of the 20th Century (approximately 50 years prior to start date of the first graph).

Dent obtained the representation in the picture below by sliding the second graph (the blue and purple bars) to the right (along the horizontal, or “X” axis) approximately 45-50 years.

And presto, the above picture appears to show a direct relationship between the birth rate and the future Dow Jones.

In other words, fluctuations in the birth rate appear to directly correspond to fluctuations in the Dow Jones… 45-50 years into the future.

Now, here’s the bad news: If Dent’s graphical comparison is valid… what does the above picture say when it comes to the future of the Dow Jones and the market in general?

And more importantly, what does the above picture say about your future job prospects… housing prospects… your retirement plan… your future standard-of-living… your children’s future?

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