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Let’s help families worldwide.

Make a difference and fulfill degree requirements at the same time.

UFI is excited to offer online internships for college students, with internship opportunities year-round. If you are interested in doing a UFI online internship from home, please contact Kristen Hackett.


There are many ways you can help without even  leaving home.

Post News Articles to our World Family News website (one or two days a week, 2 hours per day)

Write articles for our United Families International Blog once a week or once a month; or, possibly work with our team to produce well researched articles that could appear in our news alerts

Draw interest & traffic to our UFI Facebook page (comment on articles and share articles on your page)

If we have a research project going on, such as updating one of our Family Issues Guides, you could help with the research.

Interns have helped us with numerous special projects by gathering and creating content.

Sign up for our weekly educational UFI email alerts, which will help you become better informed on family issues.

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