Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom

Help UFI Stop United Nations Efforts to Undermine Religious Freedom

By United Families International United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family.   Early American philosopher and political theorist, Thomas Paine, held that “spiritual freedom is the root of political liberty.” He understood the special connection between the... Read more →

Harvard Magazine’s Misguided Attack on Homeschooling

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Tori Black It was my husband’s work schedule that proved to be the last straw. He had just started work as a pilot at a major airline, and,... Read more →

The Truth About Change Therapy

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Tori Black It has no teeth, but it is sending a message. In June of this year, the California Assembly passed ACR 99, a resolution that condemns so... Read more →

SPLC: Blacklisting Pro-family Groups and Peddling Hate

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Tori Black For the United Nations, May 15 marked 25 years of observing the International Day of Families.  This day was created in 1995 to celebrate the importance... Read more →

The Equality Act – An Atrocity Against Women

Contributed by Tori Black On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, the House Judiciary Committee held a full committee hearing on HR5, the Equality Act. Sponsors and supporters of the act claim that it will extend civil rights protections based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.... Read more →

Abortion and Assisted Suicide: The New “Universal Human Right”

“Your baby has no chance of life.” Those heartbreaking words were delivered to Siobhan Whelan following an ultrasound on January 4, 2010 whereupon she learned that her unborn baby boy was affected by holoprosencephaly, a congenital brain malformation that generally causes death before birth. Most... Read more →

Religion’s Profound Influence on Families and Society

By Jenet Jacob Erickson, United Families International New York Times’ executive director, Dean Baquet, exposed a profound contradiction when he said of journalists from major media outlets: “We don’t get religion. We don’t get the role of religion in people’s lives.” His assessment, of course, reflects not... Read more →

Jack and Religious Freedom Win!

By Tori Black The June 4th, 2018 Supreme Court ruling in the case of the Masterpiece Cakeshop is welcome news. The heart of the dispute was about a religious business owner’s right to refuse service, not to an individual or minority group, but for an... Read more →

A New Year: Resolve to Protect Religious Freedom

“Houston, we have a problem.” A line made famous by the movie, Apollo 13, is one of the top movie quotes of all time. It was a monumental understatement for a perilous emergency that threatened the lives of the three men aboard the tiny craft... Read more →

Courting Religious Freedom

Included in the landmark ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same­-sex marriage in the United States, were following words: “Finally, it must be emphasized that religions, and those who adhere to religious doctrines, may continue to advocate with utmost, sincere conviction that, by divine... Read more →

How Can Life Be More Beautiful?

By Erin Weist I first heard about United Families International several years ago and the message they were promoting immediately resonated with me in my role as a wife and mother. I feel privileged to write for UFI, offering my own perspective on social and... Read more →

Silencing Your Ideological Opponent with a Label

by Tori Black Hate. Feelings of prejudice filling people with such animus and loathing that they are motivated to hurt, to harm, and to kill. With good reason we recoil from hate when we see it. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the heart of a... Read more →

Hope for the Religious

“Charged with discriminating against a gay couple, the owners of another Christian family-run business are being forced to shut their doors…Betty and her husband, Richard, are the owners of Görtz Haus Gallery in Grimes, Iowa. In 2002, they purchased the 77-year-old stone church and transformed... Read more →

Good News and Challenges on the Religious Liberty Front

by William C. Duncan At the close of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent term, the Court issued an important religious liberty decision and announced another decision was likely to come during the next term. The recent Trinity Lutheran decision involved a Missouri religious preschool that had applied... Read more →

Caught in the Crosshairs

by Diane Robertson Do you remember when gay marriage debates were happening all over and those who did not want it to become legalized would receive the question: How can my marriage affect yours? Since that time, married couples could probably come up with a... Read more →

Huge Win for Christian Business Owner

by Diane Robertson Hurray!!! Free speech and religious freedom, for a business owner, won last week in a court in Kentucky! Those rulings are becoming fewer and farther between. Though the ruling will likely be appealed, one can always celebrate a win for freedom!!!! Should... Read more →

Do Playgrounds Have a Religion?

by Diane Robertson Another aspect of the doctrine of separation of Church and State is on trial at the Supreme Court, today, April 19, 2017. This is an important case for families because it affects government interaction with both education and religion. Some say school... Read more →

A Judicial Paradox

by McKayla Skinner In courts in the United States use the image of Lady Justice or the balance she carries, symbolizing fairness under the law. This icon is not only used in the United States but also in thirteen other countries. However, this iconic message of... Read more →

The Chipping Away of Religious Liberty

by Diane Robertson Religious freedom is being chipped away at one small bit at a time. As a result, the freedom in which people had to behave and speak has been changing. Years ago, private business owners could make their religion part of their business... Read more →

Absolute, or Not?

by Ashley Corbaley In September of last year Thai law professor and homosexual activist, Vitit Muntarbhorn, was appointed the first UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and Gender Identity. There was and is great opposition to the Independent Expert’s position. On November 21st the UN... Read more →

Equal Protection Under the Law?

by Diane Robertson Telescope Media group is a small couple owned business in Minnesota that makes small promotional films or commercials for local events. The company is Christian based and Christian in purpose. Their website advertises the purpose of the company as follows: “Telescope is... Read more →

When Laws Harm

by Diane Robertson What happens in the legislature and what happens in the courts ought to be very important to every one. Those are the places where laws are made and repealed. While not all laws affect everyone’s daily life, all laws have a profound... Read more →

Trouble in France

by Erin Weist Troubling news regarding abortion has come out of France in recent weeks.  Last Wednesday the Senate voted in favor of a bill that allows for prosecution of those attempting to influence anyone seeking an abortion.  Under this law, it appears that pro-life... Read more →

Preserving Religious Freedom for Our Children

by Diane Robertson This week I received an email from Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of lawyers who defend religious freedom, that began thus: “Dear Diane, Do you ever wonder what the future will look like for your children and grandchildren? We live in a... Read more →

A Thanksgiving Conundrum

by Diane Robertson Churches in Massachusetts this Thanksgiving face a conundrum for the first time: should they open their buildings up to the public to serve Thanksgiving dinner and risk up to $50,000 in fines or should they remain closed to the public to keep... Read more →

Be the Difference

by Laura Friend I looked over at my 13-year-old daughter and felt that familiar well of love spring up from deep within my heart – my, she has grown into such a beautiful young woman, I thought to myself. We were on our way to... Read more →

A Bit of Good News for Families

by Diane Robertson The fight to maintain the natural family, parental rights, decency, and a respect for life in a society inundated with media that preaches the opposite is a hard fight. It’s hard to convince people that the opinions they once held about family,... Read more →

Olympic-Sized Faith

  by Christie Masters Whether expressing their faith by giving honor to God, declaring their identity to be in Christ, or in sacrificing their chances of winning to do what is compassionate and honorable, we can find a much needed inspiration in many of the... Read more →

Great Power From a Simple Act

by Erin Weist From some of our earliest records of mankind we learn that people began to “call upon the name of the Lord.” (Genesis 4:26)  Whether through fair times or famine, battle or prosperity, the history of calling upon God in supplication or gratitude... Read more →

Iowa Challenges Separation of Church and State

by Diane Robertson We all know the phrase “separation of church and state”. It was taught us in school and atheists use it all of the time to reprimand people for holding prayer at public events. Of course the intended meaning wasn’t the absence of... Read more →

Independence Day for Pioneers

by Erin Weist The month of July is an important one for the United States in remembering freedom from tyranny: Independence Day remembers our separation from the monarchy of Great Britain.  But people in my state also celebrate a similar date in July.  Utah celebrates... Read more →

Is life so sweet and peace so dear?

By Mekelle Solomon Late last week the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, approved an anti-terrorist law. The law was a complete package of restrictions designed to “protect” against radical terrorist attacks. An anti-terrorist law sounds like a great idea right? Something that the whole country... Read more →

Due Diligence, Freedom, and Property Rights

Diane Robertson The Founding Fathers of the United States were keenly aware of the right to property and its connection to freedom. Before the Revolutionary war, the British would send troops over to the colonies and quarter them in the homes of the people. The... Read more →

We Can Make America Beautiful Again

by Erin Weist Yesterday at church my congregation sang the well-loved American patriotic hymn, “America the Beautiful.”  (For those not familiar with the song the words are posted below.)  A few of the lines stood out to me as incongruous with current events, both in... Read more →

Bring Back Family Devotional

by Diane Robertson    A nation can never be better than its families. For much of the history of the United States beginning with the founding of the colonies, families devoted their lives to God. They did not all have the same religious beliefs, but... Read more →

Disaster at the Supreme Court

by Diane Robertson This week has been a blow to Constitutional rights as the Supreme Court has handed out rulings on several cases. The first, second, and tenth amendment have all been ignored, as justices tossed aside the documents they pledged to uphold in favor... Read more →

America–Lest we Forget

by Mekelle Tenney I’m from a small town in Southern Utah, population 300. The 4th of July celebration is a big deal and something that everyone looks forward to. The day starts with the flag raising and the national anthem. We then have the traditional... Read more →

Forgiveness in the Midst of Trauma

by Candice LeSueur All of us on the train huddled together in the middle section away from the windows hoping to not be discovered by whoever was putting us in danger. My friend and I desperately embraced each other in silence as we horrifyingly awaited... Read more →

Seek and Ye Shall Find

by Erin Weist Trying to write an article this weekend was difficult.  I attended a funeral for a sweet 2-year old, mourning with her family and friends trying to grasp some meaning in this tragedy.  I woke Sunday to news of a mass shooting in... Read more →

Gorilla Shot or Boy Saved?

by Mekelle Tenney On Saturday a four year old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The boy was dragged into a mot by a 450 lbs. silverback gorilla named Harambe. In order to rescue the boy the zoo had the gorilla... Read more →

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This

by Erin Weist “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). In the United States we celebrate Memorial Day today, the last Monday in May, as a time to remember those from our armed... Read more →

Give me that Old Time Religion

by Mekelle Tenney The other day my mom and I came across an old applique pattern from 1905. The pattern was for dish clothes and there was a girl performing a different chore for each day of the week. One day was washing, one was... Read more →

Respectful Dialogues: Starting with Family

  by Candice LeSueur As I watch and listen to opinions being thrown at each other, declaring their stances on presidential candidates or the newly-passed laws associated with gender identity and marriage, I feel a sense of uncertainty polluting the air of our society. I... Read more →

Stand your ground, even when it’s moving…

by Christie Masters   Have you ever felt like you were still on the sea even after returning to land? My daughter and I recently arrived home from a four day cruise for her graduation trip and this is exactly what we are experiencing. Standing... Read more →

Watch Therefore…

by Erin Weist This morning my husband made an interesting observation.  We were busy in the bustle of trying to get ready to leave the house to go to church (someday I’m sure I’ll understand why this is such a Herculean effort that takes an... Read more →

Do You Have on Your Perspectacles?

by Erin Weist I have 5 young children and my life revolves around them.  It is a beautiful, wonderful life that I never even imagined and I am continually struck by these blessings in my life.  But sometimes, it’s hard.  Sometimes, it’s stressful.  Sometimes (ok,... Read more →

Families are Struggling–Symptoms are Worldwide

The following is taken from the UFI Alert dated April 6, 2016. The following questions were asked a German couple who are well acquainted with what is happening to family values in Germany/Austria and Switzerland. Reading their responses to the following questions, it is apparent that families... Read more →

Religious Doctors and Hospitals Safe for Now

by Diane Robertson With all the talk of equality and who can use what bathrooms and who has to give service to certain people and who can deny service to an entire state and whose conscience matters or whether the state or the federal government... Read more →

Faithful In Fighting for Religious Liberty

By Jackie Bowles Recently I have been reading about my ancestors, John and Priscella Alden. After experiencing persecutions for their religious beliefs in England, they decided to sail on the Mayflower, crossing the ocean to find a place where they could worship freely. They fought... Read more →

Are “Sexual Rights” Legitimate?

by Christie Masters I had thirty seconds to tell a room full of delegates at our recent County convention why they should vote for me to be a delegate to the State Convention. Standing in line, nervously awaiting my turn, I had listened to those... Read more →

In God We Still Trust

by Mekelle Tenney On July 30th, 1956 President Eisenhower signed a law declaring “In God We Trust” as our national motto. In regards to that act he made the following statement, “In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America’s heritage... Read more →

Two Universal Ideals from the Declaration of Independence

by Erin Weist I have recently been studying about the time of the American Revolution, the founding of the United States, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the glorious creation of the United States Constitution.  I’m sure there are similar fascinating and eye-opening... Read more →

Is Chastity About Controlling Women?

by Teralynn Nordgren I’ve come across this idea – that chastity is about controlling women – a few times in the past year. The first was last summer when ESPN’s Bomani Jones said that chastity was stupid on the popular TV channel, and then on... Read more →

Seek By Prayer and Supplications, With Fasting

by Erin Weist “And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting,” (Holy Bible, Daniel 9:3).   Many nations around the world are tormented by wars.  Others are tormented by governmental policies from within.  Still others are... Read more →

Cries of the Innocent

by Mekelle Tenney We are right in the middle of the Presidential primaries. The American people have a lot of decisions to make. We have to decide what issues are the most important to us. Trying to find a candidate who totally aligns with all... Read more →

Parental Vigilance, Not Political Activism

by Erin Weist Citizens in Australia have been dealing with a politically-motivated scheme trying to force its way into their schools.  The program, entitled “Safe Schools Coalition,” seems useful at first glance.  Its focus is on teaching anti-bullying messages.  However, as parents read more detail... Read more →

After the Wedding, #marriageadvice

by Erin Weist I attended the wedding reception of my cousin’s daughter over the weekend.  She was a glowing bride, he was an ecstatic groom, everything was perfect.  It was about a dozen years ago when I enjoyed my wedding day.  Since then my husband... Read more →

What Are the Great Moral Issues of Our Time?

by Christie Masters Senator Bernie Sanders has undergirded his presidential campaign with the declaration that “Income inequality is the great moral issue of our time…” Other political leaders also push free health care, free education and gender equality as the utmost in moral importance. But... Read more →

Is Pornography a Public Health Hazard?

by Erin Weist One legislator’s proposed resolution in Utah has been receiving national attention.  This resolution would declare pornography to be a public health hazard.  The summary of this resolution states  it “recognizes the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community... Read more →

Life Isn’t Fair

by Rebecca Mallory All of us, at one time or another, are brought to our knees because of unexpected events. Trials and tribulation hit each of us whether we’re rich, poor, short or tall, young or old. We all have them. These moments often jolt... Read more →

What is the Most Effective Form of STD Prevention?

by Erin Weist *The opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.  Each individual reserves the right to live and choose as they best see fit. I have seen a few articles recently touting the need for greater national exposure to the HPV vaccine, a... Read more →

From Freedom to Tyranny–Are we there yet?

by Diane Robertson In the name of equality and fairness for LGBT people, the government of the United States is removing the long-standing freedom and rights to speech, religion, conscience, and control of personal property and private businesses. A New York appellate court ruled that... Read more →

Can You Help Society With a Family Night?

by Erin Weist Last week Dr. Daniel Mark, an Orthodox Jew and visiting fellow of the Department of Politics at Princeton University, spoke at a private Christian university emphasizing the need for “a family ethic in society.”  Dr. Mark is also a faculty member at... Read more →

Strong Families will end Poverty

by Diane Robertson During a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Obama, and Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam chided Christian religious organizations for focusing too heavily on “divisive issues” such as abortion and gay marriage. The New York Times reported that President Obama, “chided religious... Read more →

One More Resolution

by Tashica Jacobson If the end of the holiday season wasn’t enough to remind me that the year had ended, then the endless talk of improvement, health goals, and ads for exercise equipment would alert me to the fact that a new year had just... Read more →

Religious Neutrality is Not a Solution

by Erin Weist Over the weekend, a member of the Supreme Court of the United States drew fire for comments regarding religious freedom in the U.S.  Justice Scalia, whose dissent over the court’s majority rule in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges which essentially legalized... Read more →

Should Emotional Suffering Trump the First Amendment?

by Diane Robertson Apparently in Oregon, hurt feelings have become a matter of politics and law. Or rather, the hurt feelings of people who have sexual relationships with other people of their same gender. If you’re just a regular person with regular hurt feelings and... Read more →

What Can You Do to Change the World? These People Are…

by Erin Weist A few months ago we wrote about the World Congress of Families that convened in Salt Lake City, Utah and focused on issues that affect families and family relationships.  I was fortunate enough to attend several of the lectures and am thrilled... Read more →

Using Title IX to Remove Choice

by Diane Robertson We’re at that time of year where seniors in high school are making choices about what they want to do after graduation. Many are preparing for college, the military or some sort of training beyond high school. My oldest daughter, is there... Read more →

January 17, 2016 – Mark it on Your Calendar

by Elise Ellsworth January 17, 2016 marks the thirty-third anniversary of a unique holiday – Sanctity of Human Life Day. This now almost-forgotten holiday, always falling on the third Sunday of January, was originally designated by President Ronald Reagan to coincide with another important day... Read more →

The Spirit of Christmas Can Stay All Year

by Erin Weist I have long loved the feeling of the spirit of Christmas.  There is something different, something magical, something special in the air.  Among Christian nations the month of December is a special one.  Christmas time is when we celebrate the birth of... Read more →

Depression Is Real

by Ally Fife My daughter, who is attending college, called me after a particularly trying day to inform me that according to her psychology professor, depression isn’t real. Apparently it can be controlled by changing our perspective of things.I immediately called him a loser under... Read more →

Surprise, Surprise, STDs on the Rise

by Diane Robertson Promiscuity has consequences. Since the 1960’s people have been trying to avoid the consequences by destigmatizing sexual choice. Social and school programs have been set up to support children born without a married mother and father. Free medical care is available to... Read more →

Why I’m Christian but Want to Celebrate Hanukkah

by Erin Weist I am not Jewish but when I found that the celebration of Hanukkah began yesterday evening (the 6th of December) I was prompted to search more regarding the history and symbolism of this Jewish holy holiday.  My own Christian roots are inseparable... Read more →

Parents, Protect Your Teen’s Time!

by Diane Robertson Parents need to be aware of the heavy expectations that are heaped upon high school kids today. I have 3 High School children and I have been worried about all that is required of them. I’ve had to step back and look... Read more →

Fleas, even they can be a good thing

by Jessica Westfall Last week was Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving not only because of the pumpkin pie and time with family, I love the focus on gratitude. There is so much in life to be thankful for!  I want to share this... Read more →

It Could Never Happen Here’

by Ally Fife Nazi’s didn’t start out by killing Jews. But eventually they killed millions and the average German had allowed themselves to be drawn into the lie. Somehow, the hope of a stronger Germany helped them believe in Hitler. He convinced them they needed... Read more →

Can you Replace Fear with Love?

by Erin Weist Last week a series of attacks by Islamist extremist groups took over news waves as death tolls rose and reports of the gruesome destruction left in the wake of these cowardly terrorists grew by the hour.  First, these attacks in Lebanon were... Read more →

Millennials’ Thoughts on World Congress of Families

By Deborah Wene The Ninth annual World Congress of Families was packed with people from all over the world who came together to talk about the importance of families, the threats that families are facing, and how to go about addressing those threats. In my opinion,... Read more →

LGBT non-discrimination laws: What am I really protecting?

by Melissa Hinkson After more than a year of battling what has been dubbed the “bathroom bill” Houstonians showed their overwhelming opposition to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) bill Tuesday night in the polls. This was a major win for those who are concerned... Read more →

Hope for the family amid anti-family hate

by Mekelle Tenney Last week my husband and I attended the World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City Utah. It was the 9th Congress held since the organizations founding in 1997. With over 3300 in attendance the Congress is the largest pro-family gathering in... Read more →

Feeling small? Getting involved Can have a BIG impact!

by Erin Weist The World Congress of Families was held in Salt Lake City last week.  Amid mild protests from pro-LGBT groups, over 3,000 attendees from around the world gathered to support pro-family speech and activism.  Rather than being “anti-LGBT” the conference focused on what... Read more →

Personal Conviction or Government Control?

by Mekelle Tenney Human nature never fails to produce threats to freedom. Strong convictions are a necessary defense against governments, groups, institutions, and individuals who seek dominance over others. Conviction is merely a firmly held belief or opinion. I believe some of the strongest convictions... Read more →

In The Darkness

by Ally Fife Earlier this month, under the cover of darkness, the statue of the Ten Commandments on  Oklahoma Capitol grounds was removed quickly and without fanfare. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that it must be removed because it violated religious rights of those who... Read more →

A Call to Action for Women

by Erin Weist Recently, a leader for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints spoke out in plea to women everywhere to stand strong in their faith and their calling as women.  President Russell M. Nelson spoke in Salt Lake City, Utah in a... Read more →

What We Take for Granted

In the wake of the shooting in Oregon where a gunman asked his victims about their faith before shooting them, many Americans are examining the issue of religious freedom.  What is religious freedom?  What is is worth? In today’s UFI alert, Dawn Frandsen reviews the... Read more →

Parenting is Love and Love is Service

  by Erin Weist Parenting is hard.  Anyone who disagrees has probably never been a parent.  But it is beautiful and worthwhile and honorable and gut-wrenchingly fulfilling at the same time.  Let me explain with an example.  This has been a tough week in our... Read more →

Shhhhhh! Don’t Tell Hollywood!

by Rebecca Mallory No matter who or how you worship, you’ve got to be a little surprised at Hollywood lately. Well… not the Hollywood we’re all normally used to, but that itty bitty part that produces wholesome and uplifting movies that just make you feel... Read more →

Teaching our Children the Truth

by Ally Fife As another school year begins, the pressure to know exactly what our children are being taught, and how to counterbalance revisionist history takes me back to my own educational experiences. My American Government teacher had very strong and vocal opinions. He loved... Read more →

Take the Gender Out of Toys, Not Out of People

by Annalise Jarman Surprised as many of you might be, I actually think Target’s move to take gender labels out of their toy aisles is positive news. Of course gender is important. Of course the current push to live in denial about gender differences is... Read more →

No Room Left For Religion

by Diane Robertson I remember quite distinctly the day in 2004 when my husband told me that Massachusetts legalized gay marriage. I said, “Why should I care? They should be able to live their lives however they want.” And I meant it. I had some... Read more →

Losing My Religion

by Erin Weist Churches and their faithful followers around the world have increasingly become the target of derision, suspicion, bullying and oppression. From news articles such as this one from the UK ( and this one from Oregon in the US ( there is mounting... Read more →

The Wonder and Certain Need of Family

by Rachel Allison This past weekend my three sisters and I assembled for some much needed emotional strengthening. Our conversations focused on the battles that our children and grandchildren are facing, and how we as women of faith could fortify and support them against the... Read more →

Conversation killers

by Ally Fife Is it possible to have a rational discussion about same sex marriage? Each side, pulling further and further apart, throw words of bigotry and hate that seem to stop all conversation before it even starts. So much of our back and forth... Read more →

“Legislation in the Home: My Fear for the Future”

by Erin Weist The media stories that have been overwhelming my news feeds lately have dealt with the transition of the traditional family. They have covered the current dogma of the fluidity of gender, the worldly view of traditional parental roles that are seen as archaic,... Read more →

Never Cease and Desist

by Diane Robertson If ever there was a time in U.S. History for Americans to rise up and stand together the time would be now. People may celebrate the Obergefell ruling legalizing gay marriage, but what many need to realize is that with this single... Read more →

Shredding Our Constitution

by Diane Robertson The United States of America has officially entered the realm of the ridiculous and impossible. Five justices on the Supreme Court decided that the Constitution apparently protects the dignity of adults, and since heterosexual marriage bestowed dignity upon those couples, then according... Read more →

Pandora’s Box Wide Open

by Rebecca Mallory  Well America, here we are, front row seat witnesses of what happens to a society that throws all morals and righteousness out the window. These past few weeks have proven to the world that words and laws mean absolutely nothing to America’s... Read more →

The Degradation of Moral Goodness

by Fae Emily Love What do you and I have in common with a celebrity like Marilyn Monroe? Probably more than you think. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes, and we all live lives that everyone has opinions about. How do we... Read more →

Forests and Families

by Tom Christensen When driving through the arid national pine forests of Montana, Colorado, Utah and Arizona, one cannot help but notice large numbers of dead trees.   Mountain pine beetles about the size of a grain of rice bore into, lay their eggs, feed on... Read more →

Strong Families Will End Poverty

by Diane Robertson During a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Obama, and Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam chided Christian religious organizations for focusing too heavily on “divisive issues” such as abortion and gay marriage. The New York Times reported that President Obama, “chided... Read more →

Subtle Erosion of Religious Liberty

by Gary Boyd A recent change in the wording of a question on the United States citizenship test did not go unnoticed by Senator James Lankford (R-OK). The test now shows “Freedom of Worship”, rather than “Freedom of Religion”, as one of the basic rights... Read more →

No Freedom without Options.

By Tori Perez op·tion ˈäpSH(ə)n/ A thing that is or may be chosen. There is no freedom without options. When I was a little girl, my mother would foster my toddler independence by showing me all the shirts in my closet and asking “Which shirt... Read more →

Ever Yet Wave

Erika Walker As the saying goes, “you never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. This is especially true of freedoms. It isn’t until a right is threatened or taken away altogether that you truly appreciate its significance. For instance, the American flag. Most of... Read more →


Chuck Malone Time is Limited! As co-parents of 5 active children, my wife and I determined early on that we would only have a limited time to create lasting and hopefully character building experiences as a family. We watched older children of other family’s, age... Read more →

Freedom and Moral Discipline

Erika Walker A person’s conscience is often referred to as their moral compass. In a song from the animated Disney classic Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket instructs Pinocchio to “always let [his] conscience be [his] guide”. Initially this seems like a safe way to keep ourselves from... Read more →

The Dangers of Moral Relativism

Mekelle Tenney Freedom can only be maintained within a society that also maintains morality. When Alexis De Tocqueville visited America and analyzed her political system he posed the question, “How could society fail to perish if, while the political bond is relaxed, the moral bond... Read more →

Is This Not Tyranny?

Diane Robertson Tyranny is defined as cruel and oppressive government or rule, or cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. Countries that embrace religious freedom are typically free from tyranny, while those nations who insist on certain beliefs lean toward tyranny. Nations with... Read more →

Rights vs. Laws

 Rebecca Mallory        No doubt you have witnessed in the past few weeks, months, or years, people from different groups wielding signs declaring their RIGHTS! They have a right to a living wage, they have a right to a job, they have a right to... Read more →

Stress with Families

Tashica Jacobson Many joys come from family life. It allows us to be in a situation where we can give and receive love, feel fulfillment, and accomplish goals. But that does not mean that it is without its challenges. Having a family and even dealing... Read more →

A Victory for Equality

“The same laws that protect the atheists’ world view, protect mine. I will not let them silence me”.  Gary Boyd Samantha Jones, a New Jersey student, felt compelled to take action when she learned of the American Humanist Association’s lawsuit protesting the Pledge’s use of... Read more →

Judges Can’t Be Boy Scouts

Diane Robertson If you want to be a judge in California and still camp out with your boy scout sons on weekends, forget it. The California Supreme Court unanimously said, “No!” California state judges cannot belong to the Boy Scouts anymore. Apparently in 1996, California... Read more →

Protect our Religious Freedoms

Diane Robertson The beginning of the New Year also means the beginning of legislative sessions in the 50 states. Now is the time to check up on your state representatives and senators and see what they are up to. This map will tell you when... Read more →

Maybe Christmas, Perhaps, Means a Little Bit More

Sometimes we find ourselves thinking and worrying about all that is wrong in the world. Yet, there’s much that is right and good. Diane Robertson To my children tonight, I read the words, “Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small, Was singing!... Read more →

Parenting: Disciplinarian or Loving Listener?

Rachel Allison My husband and I have totally different parenting styles. I have often wondered how I ended up being the strict disciplinarian.  He on the other hand had an open-door policy with our children.  Any time a discussion or heart to heart conversation was... Read more →

My Dicken’s Christmases

Written by Beth Whitaker as told to Rebecca Mallory Last weekend my family held the big annual family Christmas party in Utah. I unfortunately came down with a cold and couldn’t go. I was feeling very sorry for myself until my darling sister sent me what she... Read more →

Ashamed of being a mother?

Tashica Jacobsen In fifth grade we made dream catchers at school. Our schools theme that year was “catch the dream,” and so in the center of each one, on a piece of clay, we carved what it was we wanted to be when we grew... Read more →

Should We Stop and Count our Blessings?

Mekelle Tenney Today is December 10th, my little brothers 21st birthday. Currently he is serving in the Philippians as a full time volunteer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Earlier this week the Philippians were hit by typhoon Hagupit. Twenty seven... Read more →


Maddie Gillel Our family was flying a kite a few years ago, having a great time watching the kite fly higher and higher. One of the grandchildren asked what would happen if we cut the string? She thought it would surely continue climbing higher and... Read more →

Consciences are Important

Diane Robertson In the fourth grade while a couple of boys sat crying outside the classroom, my teacher sat the rest of the class down and explained that these boys were crying because their conscience hurt. They had been involved in a fist fight during... Read more →

Boys Will Be Boys

By: Kristen Jan Cannon The Media and Pornography Pornography is a way for individuals to become sexually satisfied. It is an outlet, for men and women alike, to relieve stress, relax, and brainlessly fantasize. At least that is the trend the media-and much of society-conveys.... Read more →

“One Nation under Godlessness”…ya think?

My husband is a judge. On a weekly basis he sees youth in his court who are delinquent, unmotivated, and often times defiant. These young men and women are most often accompanied by a frustrated parent. At some point in the conversation my husband asks... Read more →

Historic Interfaith Conference

Diane Robertson With marriage and natural family relationships in decline, Pope Francis invited leaders from different faiths around the world to gather at the Vatican this week. This historical interfaith conference titled, The Complementarity of Man and Woman brought religious leaders from 23 nations, and... Read more →

5 Tips for Mothers

Diane Robertson This is part one of a three part series on parenting. I have been reading through some new and very interesting research that is being conducted on mothering and fathering. I am going to start from a personal view as a mother of... Read more →

The Fight Against Love

Mekelle Tenney Contained within the First Amendment are two religion clauses, the establishment clause and the exercise clause. The establishment clause ensures that Congress will not establish a federal religion and that Congress will not enact legislation that effects just one sect of religion. The... Read more →

The Wheately Conference: The Supreme Court Decided, Now What?

Diane Robertson Yesterday I had the unique opportunity of attending a 4 hour long conference hosted by the Wheately Institute and titled: Family is Crucial: Views from Law and Social Science. Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson, Mark Regnerus, and Jenet Erickson spoke. These speakers have... Read more →


Maddi Gillel If everyone were the kind of citizen you are, would the country be better or worse? Does it make any difference? YES !!!! When we stand up for our country and defend it in word and deed, it inspires others to do so... Read more →


Maddi Gillel Have you ever been trying to get somewhere, such as in a different city, state, or country? Did you have a map? Did you speak the language so that you could ask? We’ve all been in this situation. Some of us are born... Read more →

You Might Be a Racist…

by Rebecca Mallory       Do you believe in the constitution, individual rights, adhering to and obeying the law of the land? If so, you might well be a racist. Yup. You could be a bigot, homophobe racist. You’re labeled simply for your core beliefs in... Read more →

Debating Marriage

by Diane Robertson As the many marriage cases move through the court system supporters of marriage often find themselves in conversations in which they must defend their stance on marriage and family. This can be a very stressful conversation. Even the best and smartest debaters... Read more →

Religious Freedom: A Human Right

by Diane Robertson In the United States, there has been a battle of words and ideas that has extended to the legislatures and into the court houses. Many people have felt called upon to fight the battle for religious freedom. These people want to be... Read more →

Fill the Love Bank with Play

by Nathalie Bowman It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Dinner was over and my husband and I remained at the table, enjoying a conversation without the noise of the family. I glanced out the window and watched three of my sons and my daughter play... Read more →

No Religious Exemptions

“ Diane Robertson       “President Obama’s overreaching executive order is the latest example illustrating that the very government that the Constitution charges with protecting religious freedom is now the primary threat to religious freedom. The administration has brazenly bypassed Congress and declared that... Read more →

Religious Freedom and Knowledge

Diane Robertson In a speech at Independence Hall on the Fourth of July, Vice President, Joe Biden, declared that gay marriage is “the civil rights issue of our day”, stating that it is, ”clear that you should be able to marry whoever you love —... Read more →

Win at the Supreme Court

Diane Robertson Monday morning in the west, we awoke to the good news that the Supreme Court actually sided with Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood!! These companies and other companies that can show “closely held” religious beliefs can opt out of the HHS contraceptive mandate.... Read more →

Common Core: Ushering in Sodom

Roseann Salanitri on June 25, 2014 in Faith & Family,   Last year I wrote an article entitled “Resurrecting Sodom”[i]. In it I chronicled seven events in our nation’s history that I believed were leading us down a path that would end at Sodom’s front door. The advent of... Read more →

Executive Order for Non-Discrimination

Diane Robertson President Obama announced plans Monday to sign an executive order that would add homosexuality and transgender as a protected class for the employees of federal contractors. With ENDA stalled in the House, the President decided to act unilaterally to make this part of... Read more →

More on the “Price of Citizenship”

Diane Robertson Just how far will government and government agencies go to enforce complete acceptance of gay marriage from everyone? The story of the Washington State based florist, Barronelle Stutzman illustrates the measures taken to enforce someone to accept and participate in gay marriage. In... Read more →

The ‘Gay’ Love Story Does Not Have a Happy Ending

Maddi Gillel Have you noticed that often, in our society, things are not as advertised, reported, or perceived?  There is usually more to the story than a casual observation.-few subjects more so than the gay lifestyle.  The following is a link to a testimonial of this: Read more →

Good News!!!!

Diane Robertson Monday morning the Supreme Court finally came out with a ruling on the case of Town of Greece v Galloway. This case had the potential to end all forms of public prayer throughout the nation. In a 5 to 4 ruling with the... Read more →

There is always hope. (Suicide prevention)

Kristi Kane A year ago last April, our community was left struggling after a teenage boy in my daughter’s school (one who she knew personally and was friends with) took his life. A dark shadow cast itself on all who knew him. I found myself... Read more →

Why Fight for Religious Freedom

“We must respect other religions, even as we respect our own. Mere tolerance thereof is not enough.”  -Ghandi  Why Religion and Religious Freedom is Important Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you have, somehow, lost the use of your arms, or legs,... Read more →

Does Freedom Matter To Families?

Maddi Gillel On a fairly regular basis, we hear the phrase “we’re losing our freedoms.”  Do we understand what that means?  Do our eyes glaze over? Do we ask ourselves ‘okay, so what do we do about it’?  Let me give you just a few... Read more →

The Price of Citizenship!?

The role of the Supreme Court in checks and balances is to stop acts of the President, laws of Congress or of states that break a rule in the Constitution. One rule of the constitution is found in the first amendment of the Bill of... Read more →

What Can I Do?

Diane Robertson There are many people out there that want to help with the fight against radical feminism, the sexualizing of children, and the destruction of religious freedom but do not know what to do. They do not even know where to begin.  If you... Read more →

The Danger and Hypocrisy of the EPA

Maddi Gillel According to Heritage, our government is trying to regulate Americans’ livelihoods away. The EPA is pushing regulation of “greenhouse gases” – something even its own officials have admitted would have no noticeable impact on the climate. Research shows the devastating impact it would... Read more →

Land of the 47th Most Free and Home of the Weak?

Rebecca Mallory Did that headline sink in? Yup. It was announced this week that America now has the 47th most free press in the world. What about the First Amendment to the constitution declaring Freedom of Speech and of a Free press?  It’s being completely... Read more →

Religious Liberty Laws and Gay Rights

Diane Robertson Today gay rights and religious liberty are at odds. To promote their legal agenda, the gay rights movement has often and frequently equated itself to the civil rights movement. But are homosexual people really facing the same issues that the African-Americans faced previous... Read more →

The “Silent Majority” Speaks Up

Editor’s note:  A huge rally in support of traditional marriage was held on Tuesday, January 28.  United Families Utah representatives, along with five interns, participated.  We wanted to share some of their experiences and insights – including their reaction when protestors from the gay lobby... Read more →

Stand Strong for the Traditional Family

Linda Ash It took years for our American Forefathers to recognize that the King of England wasn’t the all knowing, all caring solution to their health and well being…quite the contrary.  He was too far removed from what they stood for and what their values... Read more →

What is Freedom of Religion?

Diane Robertson As gay marriage and non-discrimination ordinances which include sexual orientation and gender identity become legalized throughout the world, an atomic bomb of sorts is spreading its way through the legal system. Where ever gay marriage is legal, the common religious belief that marriage... Read more →


Maddi Gillel The term ‘totalitarianism’ basically means any form of repressive government. The following is an anonymous quote from a pamphlet by Dr. Wilkinson entitled The Changing Nature of American Government from a Constitutional Republic to a Welfare State: “Socialism – If you have two... Read more →

So This is What “Hate” Looks Like?

Ann Bailey We’ve all done it; started on one website, started clicking, and ended up, topically, miles away.  Well, this was one of those times and I ended up on the website “Queerty.”  Ever heard of it?  “Queerty” has the tagline:  “Free of an Agenda... Read more →

May I Teach My Children to Be Wise

Tara Holladay It was just another day.  My daughter was at preschool, my mother was watching my toddler son, and I was sitting in a clean, generic waiting room, hoping that when it was my turn in the dentist chair I wouldn’t be hearing any... Read more →

Is Religion Important?

Diane Robertson Is religion an important part of society? One Supreme Court Justice in Britain thinks so. Lord Sumption, has blamed a need for more laws on the decline in religion and traditional moral values. From 1997 to 2007 Britain added 3000 new laws in... Read more →

Survival in a World of “Kamikazes”

  Rachel Allison The Thanksgiving Holiday offers us a specific season each year to reflect on our blessings. These past few days my thoughts have focused on my childhood and the impact my parents made on me during my formative years.  Their words, their priorities,... Read more →

Religious Freedom: America’s Heritage Under Attack

Diane Robertson The Pilgrim Separatists fled their homes in England, endured starvation and hardships and the deaths of many of their loved ones in order to establish a colony in the New World free from religious intolerance. The sacrifices of these first settlers began a... Read more →

Manipulating the Religious

Diane Robertson The gay lobby has a weapon more amazing than any gun, bomb, or fighter jet ever invented. Without a single shot fired, the gay lobby is winning the culture war. That weapon—manipulation. Through insisting Christians and other religious people are bad, hateful, and... Read more →

Marriage at the Supreme Court

Diane Robertson It’s June! In June many minds turn toward flowers, sunshine, swimming pools, and summer vacation. Others think of marriage. June is the most popular month for couples to tie the knot. This June is an especially important month for marriage. Before the end... Read more →

Why is Gay Marriage Progressing Across the Globe?

Diane Robertson Legalized same-sex marriage is making progress around the globe.  Since the New Year, New Zealand, France, and Uruguay have legalized gay marriage. Great Britain is currently working on a law that would legalize gay marriage, and marriage is on trial in the Supreme... Read more →

Proselytizing compared to rape? Really?

Rachel Allison There are bombs going off on more fronts than I can name.  The attacks are relentless and escalating. Abortion—Now the truth is coming out about the “safety” and “compassion” of abortion clinics.  And we thought the supposed “back-alley abortions” were bad? Euthanasia—being legalized... Read more →

So This is What Happened to the Country I Love?

Rachel Allison The nation I love and honor seems to be disintegrating into a place I hardly recognize: The dress standards, the language, the disrespect, the lack of motivation and self-reliance, the “what’s in it for me” mentality, the blatant political partisanship on any and... Read more →

Today’s Peace Signs

Rebecca Mallory National headlines from the past news week have undoubtedly set most Americans on edge. Shocking scenes of the tragedy at the Boston marathon finish line and the fiery images after the explosion of a fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas leave us all bewildered... Read more →

Reader Poll: “What decision do you think the Boy Scouts of America will make regarding their sexual orientation policy?”

Here’s the question we asked our readers: “What decision do you think the Boy Scouts of America will make regarding their sexual orientation policy?” Here’s how readers responded: 17 Percent                           Will revoke policy and allow homosexuals 33 Percent                           Will retain current policy 50 Percent                           Not... Read more →

Education: Third Cycle, Is there Hope?

Maddi Gillel Editor’s note:  This is the third in a series on education.  To see “The High Water Mark,” go here, the second article, “The Nose Dive,” is here. The value of the second cycle is that many have learned the hard way what works... Read more →

Some “What Ifs” of Gay Marriage

Rachel Allison All four of my sons are Eagle Scouts.  I helped all four of them prepare for any situation as they packed for those monthly campouts and annual scout camps.  I watched them think through the “what ifs” of all the situations for which... Read more →

Stripping the Religious of their Right to Speak Up

Diane Robertson The purpose of government is to regulate human relationships– society. A good government supports and protects the family as the basic and most important unit of society. An important part of protecting the family is allowing freedom of religion which in turn lends... Read more →

Education- Phase 2 The Nose Dive

Maddi Gillel Editor’s note:  This is the second in a series on education.  To see “The High Water Mark,” go here. The second phase began around 1887.  There were those who wanted to experiment with ideas to make changes in the system: 1-The populist movement... Read more →


Maddi Gillel “The strict discipline in educational preparation for professional life is described by John Adams.  By the time his son, John Quincy Adams was 18, the youth had become fairly proficient in Latin, French, and Greek.  He had also studied English and French literature,... Read more →

Religious Freedom Day – Really?

Carol Soelberg Wednesday, January 16, commemorates the adoption of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom drafted by Thomas Jefferson back in 1786.  That document declared the freedom of religious choice and religious free exercise all thought to be “natural rights of mankind.” Fast forward to... Read more →


Maddi Gillel An 80 year old woman was asked to speak to a group of women about marriage.  She had been married to one man all of her married life, and they had raised a large family.  At the end, she opened up a question... Read more →

Where Have We Gone Wrong?

Rachel Allison I was wide awake at 4:30 this morning.  My husband came downstairs ten minutes later.  Neither one of us could sleep, and so we sat together and just talked.  Our conversation covered mixed topics, but I was surprised at how often we returned... Read more →


Maddi Gillel Many years ago I had a neighbor that I was good friends with.  She had children who were my children’s ages and they played together a lot.  She and I would visit and talk about the hot topics of the day.  One day... Read more →

The Facts about Your Child’s School and Christmas

Ann Bailey You can’t sing Christmas Carols or say Merry Christmas.  You can’t put up a nativity scene or read the Christmas story from the Bible.  You can’t do any of this at your child’s school? That’s what groups like the Freedom from Religion want... Read more →


Maddi Gillel “Self-government involves self-control, self-discipline, an acceptance of and the most unremitting obedience to correct principles.   Its demands are commensurate with its high privileges.  Duties are the inseparable companions of rights.  No other form of government requires so high a degree of individual morality... Read more →

Valued Choices

Rachel Allison Today I am thankful for a mother who chose a husband who would love his family and be devoted to his responsibilities to us…a selfless hard-working man who was loyal and faithful to her, his children and his faith in God. I am... Read more →


by Maddi Gillel My husband and I lived in Africa from 2006-2008.  Within a month of arriving there, the thoughts were coming to me: “how can a continent have so many complex problems?  (aids – 30%, fractured families, rampant diseases, immorality, polygamy, competing tribes, dishonesty,... Read more →

Can Freedom of Speech Even Survive?

Diane Robertson One of the great things about America has always been freedom of speech. What a joy it is to be able to say or write something contrary to the government or popular opinion and still be safe and often respected.  This week, Americans... Read more →

Parenting: Disciplinarian or Loving Listener?

Rachel Allison My husband and I have totally different parenting styles. I have often wondered how I ended up being the strict disciplinarian.  He on the other hand had an open-door policy with our children.  Any time a discussion or heart to heart conversation was... Read more →

Fall Preview: Same-Sex “Marriage”

Diane Robertson The United States Supreme court convenes soon. This season, the court will look at several cases concerning family law. On September 24th, the Supreme Court will begin its first review of Hollingworth v. Perry, commonly known as Proposition 8. On this same day,... Read more →

The Culture War is for Real

Diane Robertson Two years ago, I said to my husband that it seems like the world is in a new war—not a war with weapons and killing, but a war of words and ideas.  Two years ago, my husband said that was an extreme view... Read more →

Today is “Chick-fil-A Appreciate Day” Take a Stand!

Ann Bailey Gather up your family and friends, today, and head for your local Chick-fil-A.  Here’s your chance to stand up for free speech, religious freedom and traditional marriage.  It is important that politicians, media, and gay advocates not be allowed to bully and discriminate... Read more →

Which is it? Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Worship

Diane Robertson The two terms: “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom of Worship” sound pretty synonymous. But are they? In recent years, President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have often used the term, “Freedom of Worship” in place of “Freedom of Religion.”  What are... Read more →

Remember Liberty

Diane Robertson On the fourth of July, I always like to ponder the founding of our great nation, read the Declaration of Independence, and sing some of the great songs about our freedom, liberty, and the sacrifices that so many men and women made to... Read more →

The Rising Concern of Absentee Fathers

Rachel Allison Every year Father’s Day gives occasion to reflect on the influence and role our dads have played in our lives. My dad certainly wasn’t perfect, but my memories for the most part are positive and endearing. With 10 mouths to feed I can’t... Read more →

A Microphone or a Muzzle?

Diane Robertson Should public school and public university teachers and coaches be allowed to speak up in city councils or post political or religious opinions on Facebook? Should they be allowed to lobby their state legislatures and testify during committee meetings about laws they feel... Read more →

The Scouts Stick to Their Guns

Gary Boyd On April 26, John Seewer’s article Lesbian Scout leader ousted in Ohio; parents upset discusses the removal of a lesbian scout leader in Ohio, after a complaint was made about Ms. Jennifer Tyrell to a local scouting professional.  Tyrell, by all accounts cited,... Read more →

You can’t say that!

Diane Robertson The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. However, all over the nation businesses, the government, schools, and universities are revoking those rights because the person in charge does... Read more →

Poll: Does religion have a place in the public dialogue?

Here’s the question we asked our readers: Regarding expressions,” of religious faith and prayer by political leaders, is there:  “too much,” “too little,”  “about right or “don’t know?” Here’s how readers answered: Too much        0 Percent        Too little          85 Percent About right      9 Percent         Don’t... Read more →

Religious Freedom on Trial

Monday, March 26th began the first day that the constitutionality of the 2010 healthcare law, known as Obamacare, will be argued in the Supreme Court. This is a court case that many American’s have strong opinions about and will be closely watching the outcome. For... Read more →

Out-of-Control Mayor

It appears that there are people who just don’t get the fact that religion has every right to be part of the political dialogue and active in “the public square.”   The citizens of El Paseo are making sure that their mayor learns that lesson. This... Read more →

Poll: “Does a mandatory comparative religion class (focusing on historical significance of religions & creeds) violate the religious freedoms of parents and their children?”

Here’s the question we asked readers: “Does a mandatory comparative religion class (focusing on historical significance of religions & creeds) violate the religious freedoms of parents and their children?” Here’s how readers responded: 43 percent           Yes 45 percent           No 12 percent           Unsure We... Read more →

Laws Put Religious Freedom in Jeopardy

Diane Robertson Washington State has become the seventh U.S. state to legalize same-sex “marriage.” This new law is considered an anti-discrimination law. Many of these laws, like Washington State’s, will include a religious clause. These clauses are there to exempt churches and clergymen from being... Read more →

More on Marriage & the Fight for Religious Freedom

Diane Robertson On Monday, February 13th, Governor Christine Gregoire signed gay marriage into law making Washington State the seventh in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage.  This was big news for both liberals and conservatives, the religious and the non-religious. One thing that particularly caught... Read more →

Can Religious Freedom Prevail?

Diane Robertson Across the nation in several public universities and colleges, students and professors are being denied their right to conscience: the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action. This is particularly in regards... Read more →

New York City isn’t thinking clearly – again!

Gary Boyd In New York City, 160 congregations have been or will shortly be expelled from utilizing school facilities as places of worship, pursuant to city policy.   After the U.S. Supreme Court, last month, refused to rule on an appeal brought by one of the... Read more →

Huge Victory for Religious Freedom

In a case that has been hailed as one of the most important religious freedom tests in over a decade, the U.S. Supreme Court has rendered a unanimous decision that clearly states that churches have the right to determine who their employees will be and... Read more →

Reader Poll: “Should a church have the right to fire an employee who doesn’t abide by the church’s clearly stated standards of conduct?”

Here’s the question we asked UFI readers: Should a church have the right to fire an employee who doesn’t abide by the church’s clearly stated standards of conduct? Here’s how readers responded: 100  Percent                “Yes” 0  Percent                    “No” Looks like there’s pretty strong agreement that... Read more →

‘Tis the season

Danny Quinney If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, you love Christmas.  It’s that magical time of the year where you get to go around using words like “Tis”, and “Twas”.  I especially love chasing my wife around with mistletoe.  Up until... Read more →

Ten Characteristics of Successful Marriages

  Let’s be honest – marriage can be a wonderful experience, but anyone who has made their way out of the honeymoon phase has had a taste of reality,  can attest that marriage takes patience and work! Then of course there are times when we... Read more →

The Camel’s Nose in the Tent

Within ten days of the repeal of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy” which allows openly homosexual individuals to serve in the U.S. military, the Department of Defense announced that same-sex “weddings” will now be allowed on U.S. military bases.  They aren’t calling them weddings,... Read more →

Reader Poll: “Have your children ever said they’ve experienced a negative response from a school teacher or administrator for opposing same-sex behavior?”

Here’s the question we asked UFI readers: “Have your children ever said they’ve experienced a negative response from a school teacher or administrator for opposing same-sex behavior?” Here is how UFI readers responded: 63 Percent                           Yes 30 Percent                           No 7 Percent                             My children are home... Read more →

Reader Poll: “Should Wiccan holidays be added to school calendars?”

Here’s the question we asked our readers: “Should Wiccan holidays be added to school calendars alongside of other religious holidays (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.)?” Here is how UFI readers responded: 3 Percent                             “Yes” 97 Percent                           “No” This news article, Wiccan days included on Tennessee... Read more →

UFI Reader Poll: Should public schools be allowed to offer elective credit for religion classes that students take off-campus during school hours?

Here is the question that we asked UFI readers: “Should public schools be allowed to offer elective credit for religion classes that students take off-campus during school hours (during legally allowed “release time”)?” Here is how readers responded: 96 Percent                           Yes  2 Percent                            No  2... Read more →

You might be a religious fundamentalist…

By Carol Soelberg Over the last few years our UFI teams have noticed that anti-religious bias has become very overt and quite accepted at the UN.  But recently we’ve begun monitoring a particularly interesting and insidious brand of anti-religious fervor.  The new strategy seems to... Read more →

Government in your children’s pants

There been a lot in the news recently about a topic that usually isn’t discussed in polite company. “Intactivists” in the City of San Francisco have collected enough signatures to place an initiative on the November ballot to ban circumcision.  The measure, if passed, would... Read more →

Transforming a Troubled Marriage

By Rachel Allison Have you ever had a life-changing conversation with friends?  A conversation that blindsided you to the point where years later that conversation remains seared in your memory?  I can think of one. Several years ago, I was having lunch with two good... Read more →

Day six: What’s it like inside a UN Mission?

Day six:  What’s it like inside a UN Mission? The streets surrounding the UN in New York are lined with quaint brownstone-type houses that are the office to many a country’s mission to the UN.  The first thing that alerts you that you’re getting close... Read more →

Celebrate “Religious Freedom Day” this Sunday

Since 1993, January 16 has been designated as “Religious Freedom Day” in the U.S. “It was the genius of America’s forefathers to protect our freedom of religion, including the freedom to practice none at all,” reads last year’s Presidential Proclamation commemorating this First Amendment right. ... Read more →

How United Families Readers respond to Weekly Poll Questions

Here’s how you, our readers, answered a couple of poll questions: Should doctors and other medical professionals have the right to “opt out” of procedures that they find morally objectionable? 100 percent                        Yes, that right should be maintained. 0 percent                        No, as a professional they... Read more →

What’s up with Religion

The religious environment is changing is the conclusion of the Barna Group Research as they announce their “Six Megathemes Emerging in 2010.”  An analysis of 5,000 interviews conducted over the last year showed some trends that reflect some concerns regarding the status and strength of... Read more →

Giving Thanks, to you!

Kernels of Thanks In honor of Thanksgiving and “National Family Week,” this week, we celebrate the pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving table–and the family at your Thanksgiving table. After the first Thanksgiving in 1621, there were seasons when the pilgrims had to ration their food. ... Read more →

France Bans Burqa: UFI poll question results

The UFI Poll question for the week yielded what we thought was a rather surprising response from our readers.  This question is one that strikes at the heart of religious expression and thus religious freedom. “Do you support or oppose France’s recent ban on the... Read more →

Stop Secular Humanism from becoming the Foundation of Education

When the term subversive is mentioned people usually imagine a scene out of some spy-thriller blockbuster, but subversive tactics are far from exclusive to double-agents, danger, and deceit.  In fact, the latest international efforts against the family are nothing less than blockbuster-worthy subversion.  Subversion can... Read more →

U.S. District Judge Overturns California’s Prop 8

In a stunning display of judicial arrogance, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker overturned California’s Prop 8—California’s Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.   This is the first case in U.S. history where “thoughts, motivations, and personal beliefs” of seven million voters were... Read more →

90% Say Yes To The Bible Being Taught In Schools

In responses to UFI’s poll question, “In public schools, is it appropriate for the bible and other significant religious text to be available and used as an educational resource?” 90% of our blog readers said “Yes!” But that won’t be happening if federal judges have... Read more →

How High School Graduates see their future

Congratulations! to all students who will be wearing a cap and gown over the next few weeks.  We honor each graduate and look forward to all of the amazing things that the graduating classes of 2010 will accomplish during the coming years. We thought we’d... Read more →

Boy Scout case rejected by Supreme Court

In the ongoing battle over the Boy Scouts’ use of San Diego’s Balboa Park, this week the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case–allowing a Ninth U.S. Circuit court decision to stand.  The case will now return to the federal and state courts for... Read more →

Fewer Religious Women, Fewer Children?

Does the fact that the world is becoming increasingly less religious correlate with the fact that fertility rates have plummeted worldwide?  In women, does irreligosity and childlessness go hand in hand?  If a study of women in the U.S. is any indication, the answer to... Read more →

British Parliament removes mandatory sex education reform

In an effort to pass new education legislation, the British Parliament has removed a reform that would have denied both parents and religious schools of their rights. This comes as welcomed news after the House of Commons passed the bill with this dangerous reform last... Read more →

Your Rights: Two free speech cases to watch in April

It appears April is free speech month for the Supreme Court. Two important free speech cases are going before the Court this month and they could have a large impact on your rights to both religious and political speech. Here is a basic overview of... Read more →

Mandatory sex-ed in Britain to override religious liberty

The British House of Commons recently passed a new mandatory sexual education bill that would require all schools—public, private, and religious—to include “non-judgmental” information on homosexuality, contraception, and abortion in their sex-ed courses. According to proponent’s of the bill, the new legislation does not violate... Read more →

Another City Joins the Anti-Religious Fervor

Just as Gilbert, Arizona draws near to a resolution on its anti-religious city code, similar tensions flare in Rancho Cucamonga, California (the second time this year). On Tuesday, the city informed the Shiloh Tabernacle to either cease its household meetings entirely or acquire an expensive... Read more →

Day 8: The Soft-Blue Scarf—Symbol of Oppression

“Women’s rights will never be fully realized until we end the suffocating influence of religion.”  Or try this:  “Secularization is the answer to the oppression of women.”   Versions of those lines are regularly repeated at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women. Rabeea *... Read more →

Are you ready to give up your freedom of speech?

Lorenzo Hoopes is a 96-year-old man who has spent the last twenty years on the board of directors for the Paramount Theatre of the Arts in Oakland, California. Now, after all his years of service, his current re-election to the board is being protested. Not... Read more →

Traditional marriage wins again in New Jersey!

Another victory for traditional marriage yesterday! The New Jersey Senate voted 20 to 14 to reject the bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage in the state. The bill needed 21 votes to pass. You can watch clips of the impassioned Senate debate here. Shortly... Read more →

Portugal On Its Way To Legalizing Homosexual Marriage

Portugal is on its way to becoming the sixth European nation to legalize homosexual marriage. The legislation is expected to quietly pass through early parliamentary procedures tomorrow in spite of an opposing majority among citizens and a strong Catholic presence. The Catholic Church, while normally... Read more →

Quebec Announces Attack Against Homophobia

If anyone still doubts that the advancement of LGBT “rights” will always come in direct conflict with religious rights, they need only read Quebec’s new policy against homophobia to be fully convinced. The new policy, released earlier this month, outlines a broad new policy and... Read more →

LGBT Activists Boycotting Salvation Army

The LGBT community is pushing for a boycott of the Salvation Army. Despite the enormous good the organization does—providing food, shelter, foster care, disaster relief and HIV programs for 33 million people every year—many loud voices in the LGBT community view the Salvation Army’s position... Read more →

D.C. City Council Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Two weeks after the Washington, D.C. City Council refused to allow a ballot initiative that would put the definition of marriage in Washington up for popular vote, the D.C. Council gave the first vote of approval for new legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.  The bill... Read more →

“Homosexual Rights” v. Religious Liberty: Real Life Examples

Yesterday, we sent out an alert on the threat from the “homosexual rights “movement to your religious liberties. Yet, LGBT activists continue to deny the conflict between these two contradictory rights and even well-meaning advocates of the family doubt that the threat truly exists. In... Read more →

What Is really at Stake in the Battle for “Homosexual Rights?”

The homosexual rights movement is gaining momentum around the world. Just in the last few months, the United Nations (UN) made new advances in its attempts to redefine gender and sexuality, homosexual rights activists hosted large demonstrations in both Washington, D.C. and Taipei, Taiwan, and... Read more →

Update: Senate Passes Hate Crime Legislation

Yesterday the Senate passed the LGBT hate crime bill we encouraged you to oppose earlier this week. The bill, The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, will extend the federal definition of hate crimes to include crimes committed based on sex,... Read more →

Senate to Vote on Homosexual Hate Crime Legislation

The Senate is expected to vote in the next few weeks on a new piece of hate crime legislation that would provide special protections to homosexuals and transgender individuals. The legislation would give the federal government authority to prosecute violent crimes “motivated by prejudice” against... Read more →