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About Homefront

A Host unites family and friends in an educational gathering called “The Homefront Project.”

You may have noticed it’s not very easy to have certain conversations these days. Social, political, and religious topics can be tough to navigate with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or the guy on the train. If these conversations have left you feeling alone, we’re here with information, ideas, and connections.

We connect like-minded people in discussion groups and give you everything you need (like a book club). We provide tons of information for the discussions, outlines, research, and even talking points for learning about and discussing more than twenty hot-button topics.

Before your friends gather, notify everyone of the topic and have them read, in advance, two articles and watch two videos – more if you’re feeling ambitious – from the topic list. Gather and discuss what you’ve learned – and don’t forget the snacks!  Go home prepared to make a difference!  Learn more here. 


A Host unites family and friends in an educational gathering called “The Homefront Project.”


  • Host your family/friends in a series of 20 discussions called “The Homefront Project”. You may invite your attendees to take turns hosting the group.
  • Curriculum will be provided based on each of UFI’s six Mission Points
  • Additional educational resources will be suggested; all with the intent to UNITE and EDUCATE like-minded individuals dedicated to helping families flourish.
  • There can be any number of hosts in a community or state.
  • UFI will provide initial training and a monthly question/answer call for all hosts.
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