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Voter Information

Register, update your registration, find polling locations and ballot status.

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Bill Tracking

To find legislative votes, click on the link below.  Type in information to find a specific bill and go to it’s bill page. If you don’t know bill number, scroll to the bottom of the page.  At bottom of page, click on “List all Introduced and Unintroduced Bills.”  A table will appear with a list of bills.  Click the bill in which you are interested.  That will bring up the bill page.  There is a column for votes.  Click on the vote number to see the roll call.

Additional Resources

UFI has created resources to help you in your advocacy.  You can also access more information and tools by visiting United Families International's HomeFront Project.

Advocacy Tips

This is the place to get tips and learn the techniques to present yourself - and your issue - in a confident manner.

Talking Points

Find research and well-thought-out statements on pro-family/pro-life topics.

Words to Watch

Words Matter!  To protect family and policy we need to understand the current culture's defininition. Check out this list of words to watch and their "new" definitions.

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