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The Precarious State of Parental Rights

The Precarious State of Parental Rights

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Cristina Cevallos Calle In August 2013, 33 police officers and seven youth welfare officers forcibly entered the home of Dirk and Petra’s...
Gender Neutral Parenting?

Gender Neutral Parenting?

By  Chelsea Jones As a mom of three girls and one boy, seeing my son play with dolls and all things pink is no surprise. He’s outnumbered, so he’s frequently seen dragging a baby doll around in one hand and throwing a ball in the other. The children have a mix of...
Screen Time vs. Green Time

Screen Time vs. Green Time

By Jillian Celmo A year ago our family made the decision to pull our oldest child out of public school and began homeschooling him. Zephyr was five years old and in Kindergarten. He had loved it so much but something changed after Christmas break, and our once happy...
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