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Child Sexual Abuse: We Must Speak Up

Child Sexual Abuse: We Must Speak Up

By Jessie Keller It Happens When 5-year-old Janie announced to her mom on the way home from a family picnic, “Michael made me play a game I didn’t like.” Her mother became concerned. Michael was Janie’s 12-year old cousin and had not been seen most of the afternoon....
The Nightmare of Neglect

The Nightmare of Neglect

By Elise Ellsworth In recent years neglect and other forms of child abuse have been on the rise.  These include the tragic 2016 case of a young Scottish boy, Liam Fee.  Little Liam was subject to continual physical abuse, had been chained up or locked in a makeshift...
Pedophilia on the Rise

Pedophilia on the Rise

By Diane Robertson Between the breakdown of the family and wide-spread pornography usage, child sexual abuse seems to be on the rise with no end in sight. Even very careful and watchful people can be tainted by this scourge that is sweeping the earth. Recently, I...
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