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Who has the instructions on what to teach our children?  Parents role in sex education.

Who has the instructions on what to teach our children? Parents role in sex education.

By Cinthia Jahnsen The stork. An angel. Maybe a baby factory. A train. “Mom, where do babies come from?” Could this be one of the most dreaded questions that a parent is faced with? I was really worried about this topic of conversation when my kids became old enough...

The dangers of Comprehensive Sexuality Education

by Jackie Bowles It may sound good at first, but do the research to really understand all facets.   We’ve all had to endure “Sex Ed” at one point in our lives with its embarrassing movies and uncomfortable topics. Back in the day, while there was still concern for its...

What is the Most Effective Form of STD Prevention?

by Erin Weist *The opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.  Each individual reserves the right to live and choose as they best see fit. I have seen a few articles recently touting the need for greater national exposure to the HPV vaccine, a series of shots...

Debunking the Dangerous Myths of Sexual Education.

by Jessica Westfall It’s not new news that there are explicit sexual education programs being implemented throughout the western world. It’s hard as a parent to know what to do. In May, Toronto held a boycott against the curriculum, almost 35,000 students...

Consequences of a Sexually Desensitized Society

 Tashica JacobsenIn a review of many scholarly journals studying negative effects on youth, sexual promiscuity and early sexual activity, are listed as a risk factor along with drug use, delinquent behavior, and violence. However, society is now changing its...

The ‘Gay’ Love Story Does Not Have a Happy Ending

Maddi Gillel Have you noticed that often, in our society, things are not as advertised, reported, or perceived?  There is usually more to the story than a casual observation.-few subjects more so than the gay lifestyle.  The following is a link to a testimonial of...
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