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Screen Time vs. Green Time

Screen Time vs. Green Time

By Jillian Celmo A year ago our family made the decision to pull our oldest child out of public school and began homeschooling him. Zephyr was five years old and in Kindergarten. He had loved it so much but something changed after Christmas break, and our once happy...
Families and Media: You Are What You Eat

Families and Media: You Are What You Eat

by Sarah Justensen When individuals consistently eat nutritious foods, they will promote their own health and wellness. Alternatively, when people have a diet consisting of primarily junk food, they will eventually find themselves dealing with health problems. As...
Off the Grid

Off the Grid

by Alannah Hurley Recently, I did what some would call unfathomable, what some wish they could do, and what some have already done – I quit social media. At first it was hard not having that constant entertainment at my fingertips, but it also felt as though a burden...
The Mean Side of Social Media

The Mean Side of Social Media

by Erin Weist I follow several family-oriented groups on social media.  These groups encourage support of mothers, father, and children, as well as strong bonds between husbands and wives.  If you’ve spent any time on social media you’ll know what a battleground it...

A Bit of Good News for Families

by Diane Robertson The fight to maintain the natural family, parental rights, decency, and a respect for life in a society inundated with media that preaches the opposite is a hard fight. It’s hard to convince people that the opinions they once held about family,...
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