50% of Down Syndrome Babies Aborted in Ireland

50% of Down Syndrome Babies Aborted in Ireland

downschild-255According to a recent report, up to 50% of all babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in Ireland are aborted. This is still less than the 90% of Down syndrome babies that are aborted in the UK, but a drastic increase from the past

In recent years, ultrasound and blood testing capabilities have improved to the point that doctors can accurately diagnose cases of Down syndrome 95% of the time within the first 10 to 12 weeks of a baby’s gestation. With that improvement, more and more women are traveling from Ireland to the UK to have those babies aborted. Although exact numbers are not available, doctors seem confident up to half of all mothers choose to abort a baby once they’ve receive the diagnosis.

This culturally-accepted form of eugenics is terrifying. It is a startling illustration of how the cultural devaluation of life impacts the most vulnerable the most drastically. When did Down syndrome become a disability that completely outweighed the value and worth of a baby’s life?

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