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Who Needs a Marriage License Anyway?

Who Needs a Marriage License Anyway?

By Karin Waters Is a marriage license really necessary?  People generally want to be happy, and when we see adult couples living together, they do seem happy. And if there are kids, they’re bound to be happy too, right? Think again. A report from the Centers for...
The False Promise of Cohabitation

The False Promise of Cohabitation

By Ashlee Kendell Over the past 50 years, research has shown that the average increased risk for divorce, when related to premarital cohabitation, has not changed. We have 50 years of evidence indicating that cohabiting before marriage does not lead to longevity in...
The Cohabitation Fallacy

The Cohabitation Fallacy

By Deanne Ririe Shacking up was a term for cohabitation used in the 1940s. Over the years the expression has evolved to living together, sleeping together, moving in together, or hooking up. They are different expressions that mean the same thing; two unmarried people...

Bring Back Family Devotional

by Diane Robertson    A nation can never be better than its families. For much of the history of the United States beginning with the founding of the colonies, families devoted their lives to God. They did not all have the same religious beliefs, but they held strong...
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