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Medical Marijuana Done Right

Medical Marijuana Done Right

by Jenet Jacob Erickson This last week, Utah signed into law what some have called “the best-designed” medical marijuana law in the country. Crafting that law was not easy. In just a few years marijuana has become a key political issue across the nation. Utah was no...


by Peggy Sturgill We were very good at keeping the family secret when I was growing up. To the outside world, we looked like a normal, happy family, much like the Cleaver family in “Leave It to Beaver.” No one suspected there was a monster living in our house. This...

Disaster at the Supreme Court

by Diane Robertson This week has been a blow to Constitutional rights as the Supreme Court has handed out rulings on several cases. The first, second, and tenth amendment have all been ignored, as justices tossed aside the documents they pledged to uphold in favor of...
The Importance of Fathers

The Importance of Fathers

by Diane Robertson When I was a child, I wanted to be just like my dad. If he asked for mustard on his sandwich, I asked for mustard on mine. If he liked watching Star Trek, then so did I. It really didn’t matter what it was, I thought my dad was the greatest and...
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