Don’t Let the Conversation Die

Don’t Let the Conversation Die

abortion body partsby Diane Robertson

The 10th under cover video detailing how Planned Parenthood has been illegally selling aborted baby parts came out on Tuesday. Barely any media picked it up. It was not a trending item on Facebook, twitter, or any other social media source because hardly anyone cares.

No one cares that top executives are making millions on teaching and encouraging teens to have sex, then convincing girls and women to have abortions for their surprise, unwanted, or unplanned pregnancies, and then taking those babies killed by their doctors and selling their parts so scientists can use them for research.

Dr. Carolyn WeshoffIn the 10th video we see Dr. Carolyn Weshoff, Planned Parenthood’s senior medical adviser, discussing dividing up and selling the parts of aborted babies. She says the people she works with don’t want stem cells, but “particular tissues” like “cardiac” or “eyes” or “neural” or “spinal cords.” She laughs while saying the scientists and research companies even want the “gonads”.

A few other Planned Parenthood executives discuss how they need to be cautious. They know that selling aborted babies can “generate a fair amount of income” but worry that word getting out would be bad for Planned Parenthood. Vanessa Russo, an official with Planned Parenthood Keystone, openly says that she “won’t be bullied by ridiculous law” and that Planned Parenthood “shouldn’t curtail its business for ridiculousness”.

It’s sad. It’s degenerate. It’s says a lot about our nation and our society. Women freely sacrifice their children, usually to avoid embarrassment or inconvenience. And then, big executives sell the bodies of these unwanted babies to companies for scientific research. Another country did something similar several years ago, and nobody paid attention or tried to stop it. Not very many people are paying attention today, while many people are defending and promoting every step of this evil process.

Soon these videos will be done coming out. We must not forget what we have learned. We must not let this conversation die. Nearly 3,000 babies are aborted every day in the United States. 3,000 lives are snuffed out and sold for profit. Is this who we want to be? Is this a nation we are proud to be a part of? If not, then please, do not let the conversation die.

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