First Abortion Health Care Ad

First Abortion Health Care Ad

So the pro-abortion lobby is gearing up to either kill the Stupak Amendment or kill health care reform with a new series of ads. Here is the first ad  from the Center for Reproductive Rights. Note the disturbing correlation drawn between a nose job, a breast reduction, and the destruction of human life. Pro-abortionists are not the only ones who think it is a bad joke.


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  • cura_te_ipsum
    Posted at 23:01h, 16 November

    This is not a truthful video, even with respect to insurance coverage. The abortions happening in America aren’t occurring post-diagnostically where fetal malformation has been verified. They are primarily being done because women/teens would rather kill their unborn child than take responsibility for their actions. Only 0.5% of abortions are due to fetal abnormality while 98% of them are elective.

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