“Kill her now… it’s murder; kill her before birth… it’s an abortion.”

“Kill her now… it’s murder; kill her before birth… it’s an abortion.”

Some 15 years ago a group in Ireland created a radio ad that was subsequently banned by the government.  The organization, Youth Defence, has resurrected that radio ad, combined it with beautiful photos of pre-born babies, added music, and placed it on YouTube.  Please take 35 seconds and watch it.  It deserves your time.

You might also want to go to their website and read the history of Project Truth and of Ireland’s censorship of the original ad and of the group’s billboards.  It’s a very interesting example of government tactics to oppress an opinion they disagree with.

“There is a terrible sickness in a world that uses self importance to excuse the murder of a child.”  –Youth Defence

  • Richard Noel Pedersen
    Posted at 22:16h, 16 August

    The creator of the universe is the creator of life, and only he, God, can take life!! Certainly not a doctor and some nurses in an aortion clinic!! It is NOT theirs to take, since life is given by God.

  • Jaime
    Posted at 19:21h, 19 August

    do women not feel their babies move , kick and twist around in side of them? what do they think that is, cause they dont believe that its a living breathing baby with a heart that beats as theirs does and feelings like they have. if they honestly new the joy of a baby, maybe they would change their minds. if i could have just one wish i would wish that abortion was never even heard of or a thought in someones mind. the mothers dont have to keep the baby there are plenty of couples out there that pray everyday that they could have a baby.

  • David
    Posted at 04:09h, 08 September

    It is not correct to state that the ad was banned by the Irish government.

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