Mental Gymnastics and Abortion

Mental Gymnastics and Abortion

Ann Bailey

If you’re “pro-choice” (hate that phrase) and you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge that the unborn child is INDEED a child, you can make all sorts of excuses for your behavior or your predicament.  In a recent Salon article, “Why women have Second Trimester Abortions,” the author figuratively bends over backwards to make the case that women who have late term abortions have good reason for doing so.  I’m not buying it and I suspect that you won’t either.

If you follow the pro-abortion line of logic, it is the unborn child who must pay the price for all sorts of “challenges” and “trials” that may come into the mother’s life.  Here you go:  If you are pregnant and you lose your job, that’s acceptable grounds for having a late term abortion.  If you’re late on your rent or your unemployment runs out, all grounds for ending the life of your unborn child – no matter what the stage of pregnancy.

Susan Schewel, executive director of the Women’s Medical Fund, an organization that raises money so that it can be given to women who are short on funds to pay for their abortions, gives us this jewel of a quote:

“Given that 60 percent of women who have abortions are already mothers, coming up with the money [for an abortion] can be a tough calculus even with some help. “I spoke with someone yesterday who said she was going to return some of the Christmas gifts she’d gotten for her children.”

Now there’s one for you….Trying to elicit sympathy by telling the story of a woman having to return some Christmas gifts that she had gotten for her children so she could pay to abort her child– the sibling of these children.   Oh my, what a decision…buy gifts or end the life of my unborn child!

Before we go further maybe we should be clear on exactly what late term abortion is.  I can’t bring myself to put it in the body of this blog post, so you can read about it here.   How about second-trimester abortion?  It’s equally barbaric.  Again, I won’t put it into the body of this post, but you can read about it here.

And, if you want a lesson in denial and the lengths that pro-abortion advocates will go through to disguise what they are doing, go here and read their version of a second-trimester abortion.  Note that they NEVER refer to anything that even remotely resembles the fact that they are ending the life of an unborn child; they just refer to removing “tissue.”

I have to agree with the pro-aborts on one thing – what they are doing is unspeakable.

  • Meagan
    Posted at 15:44h, 30 December

    Thanks for the post, I love what you said. If you hate the term “pro-choice” then you are really going to be bothered by the term “anti-choice” which they use on Planned Parenthood’s site to describe pro-lifers (at least a couple of years ago, I don’t know what they have on there today). Fortunately most people, regardless of their politics, have more of a heart than what these people on these supposedly pro-women’s sites do, but a lot of them are pressured into looking the other way. I think the biggest setback is the stigma of adoption. Today a single woman who places a child in a family that will be able to give her child the life she wished she could have given them is often thought of as “heartless” or “giving them up.” No one ever talks about the option, they treat it as worse than abortion or daycare. I couldn’t imagine the pressure, loss of respect, and embarassment a birthmom receives. When the Octomom had 14 children, and 8 of them were born at once, people either talked about why she didn’t turn to abortion or was hard it was going to be to raise them, she never intended to have all 8 of them born. No one talked about her getting married or finding good families for the children. Instead of helping her find a happy ending for her family she was held up as the poster child for the supposed evils of having a large family. I told this to a friend, and she was absolutely appalled at this suggestion, she implied that it was better for them to live in a daycare than in a family that will take care of them. And of course the anti-lifers (maybe we should call them that, they call us anti-choice) would have piped up and said it was better for them to have not been born.

  • Paidion
    Posted at 16:00h, 30 December

    A “pain medication injection” should also be provided for the “uterine tissue”.

  • United Families International
    Posted at 20:25h, 30 December

    Great insight on the stigma associated with adoption. It is amazing that so many good people don’t understand that giving a child to adoption is a remarkable gift.

    I’m not sure how we change the stigma other than continually promoting adoption and letting people know that providing a child with a married mother and father is not heartless – but a selfless act of love and courage on the part of the birth mother.

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