Mother Not Charged for Murder of Newborn Due to Abortion “Loophole”

Mother Not Charged for Murder of Newborn Due to Abortion “Loophole”

A woman in Virginia will not be charged with the murder of her newborn son due to a legal “loophole” related to abortion. According to reports police responded to a 911 call from a woman reporting she was in labor. When the police arrived they found the baby had been born 10 hours earlier and was suffocated beneath the bed sheets. The baby was still attached to the mother by the umbilical cord.

Due to the umbilical cord still being attached, the newborn is not considered a separate life under current state law in Virginia, and the mother will not be charged with murder.

The public is rightly outraged and politicians are rushing to fix what the media continues to call a “legal loophole.” However, this tragic event is less a legal mistake, than an explicit and painful example of the mental gymnastics and flawed logic necessary to defend the abortion of unborn children.

If the child had been aborted while still in the womb rather than murdered under the sheets, would that have been more acceptable? Is there a moral difference between saying a baby is not a separate life while still in the womb and saying a baby is not a separate life while still attached by the umbilical cord?When we have given society the power to determine when life does and does not begin, aren’t all such decisions arbitrary anyway?

It is for this reason that the abortion argument of Princeton ethicist Peter Singer is one of the most compelling available. Although he is pro-abortion, he breaks down the abortion debate with alarming clarity.

His argument is essentially this: One cannot defend abortion on the grounds that a fetus is not a baby. That line is far too arbitrary and riddled with contradiction for humans to logically navigate. The only way to truly defend abortion is to argue against the very premise that it is wrong to murder innocent life. Unfortunately, that argument does not sell as well as a woman’s right to choose.

Until we can honestly debate the actual foundational premise of abortion—women have a right to murder innocent life—we as a society have very little room to be outraged by such “legal loopholes.”

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