New Live Action video reveals more Planned Parenthood lies

New Live Action video reveals more Planned Parenthood lies

Live Action has done it again.

In this newly released second video of the Rosa Acuna Project, an effort to expose the manipulative tactics of Planned Parenthood counselors, Live Action exposes a counselor in Milwaukee lying to a patient about the development of unborn children and the process of adoption, while blatantly pushing the patient towards an abortion.


Lila Rose, UCLA student and president of Live Action, reports that the new video confirms what pro-life advocates have been saying for decades:

“Planned Parenthood has an abortion-first mentality that is driven both by ideology and the desire for money. Since women will often choose against abortion if they learn the scientific facts about the unborn child inside the womb, Planned Parenthood distorts basic facts in an attempt to perform more abortions.”

Ironically, the video’s release comes only a few weeks after Planned Parenthood was named one of the most trustworthy brands in Orange County.

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  • Rebekah
    Posted at 22:27h, 17 September

    Wonder what Nick Vujicic would say about this! “No arms, no legs,” must not be human then eh?
    Thanks for the informative video, the people who work for PP must not take the Hypocratic oath seriously!

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