“One Nation under Godlessness”…ya think?

“One Nation under Godlessness”…ya think?

Godless or God?My husband is a judge. On a weekly basis he sees youth in his court who are delinquent, unmotivated, and often times defiant. These young men and women are most often accompanied by a frustrated parent. At some point in the conversation my husband asks the parent, “While you were growing up did you attend church?” Nine out of ten answer in the affirmative. Then he asks, “Are you taking your son (or daughter) to church?” The answer is always, “No.” “Why?” he asks. “I’ve just got out of the habit,” “I never think to,” “I don’t know why I don’t,” are most often the responses. He then suggests that their son or daughter may do better in life with the moral compass that religion brings. His heart goes out to these kids who have no purpose and direction to their lives.

We are so grateful for those who recognize what is going on in our nation and for their courageous voice. We combine our voices and pray…yes, we pray, that parents will wake up to what happens when God is not in our lives.


Michelle Malkin said it so well in her article “One nation under Godlessness.”


Amen and Amen!



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  • Elsi
    Posted at 17:29h, 16 December

    This is somewhat unrelated, but this is part of the reason I believe the Catholic Church needs to be changed to get more young people interested. The mass we have now is so boring I don’t think I’ve ever been able to pay attention. I did go to Catholic school but a lot of the kids were rotten and I think it’s kind of that they are rebelling. The best moral lessons I learned were from going to religious social groups or joining fun religious organizations at non-denominational churches, which the Catholic Churches don’t seem to have.

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