Understanding the Abortion/Health Care Debate

Understanding the Abortion/Health Care Debate

senateIt looks like the abortion debate in the new health care bill is just getting started. Since the House passed the bill last Saturday with the controversial addition of the Stupak Amendment, pro-lifers have been praising the Amendment while questioning the legislation itself, whereas pro-abortionists have been universally condemning the amendment, threatening to oppose any health care legislation that includes it.

As the bill heads to the Senate, it appears the debate will just get increasingly more vehement. So we’ve gathered here some of the articles we found most useful in understanding the debate. Perhaps these will help provide better footing as this contentious issue progresses.

Just yesterday UFI sent out an alert providing a general overview of the Stupak Amendment and its relationship to the broader abortion debate. It is great place to start to understand the importance of Stupak for the pro-life movement.

If you are interested in the exact language of the Stupak Amendment The New York Times provides it here.

However, understanding the opposition’s argument is usually the best way to understand your own. This memo from Planned Parenthood concisely and accurately summarizes why pro-abortion lobbyists believe the Stupak Amendment to be such an enormous attack on abortion rights. They argue that by prohibiting federal subsidies from purchasing insurance plans that cover abortion, the new health care plan essentially incentivizes all insurance companies to stop providing plans that cover abortion.

For this reason, Terry O’Neill, the president of the National Organization of Women, called the health care bill an “anti-abortion bill.” O’Neill went so far as to claim that the Stupak Amendment is the equivalent of “pushing women back into the back alleys to die.” To fully understand the wrath of the pro-abortion lobby against the Stupak Amendment read the full summary of O’Neill’s remarks on ABC News.

ABC News also provides a summary and video of President Obama’s response to the amendment. It gives a good sense of how precarious the future of Stupak really is.

And while Obama is trying to remain neutral, here are some articles talking about pro-abortion Representatives and Senators gearing up to ensure that the Stupak Amendment does not end up in the final legislation.

Yet, within all the articles we have read on this issue, only one article—an article from a pro-abortion feminist—hits on what is really at the heart of the abortion/health care debate. The debate really comes down to one simple fact: once the government begins funding health care, the government can then dictate what is and what is not reasonable and necessary health care. This applies as much to abortion as diabetes or cancer. The abortion debate we are witnessing is simply a metaphor for what is more broadly at stake. We recommend reading this article. Although UFI radically disagrees with the position, the analysis of how the new health care bill will drastically alter the abortion debate is spot on, and it has implications for every aspect of health care.

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