Are early sexual relationships OK or not?

Are early sexual relationships OK or not?

Is the early sexualization of girls OK or not?  Those that push their “sexual and reproductive health” policies at the UN seem to be confused.  A quick perusal of some recent conference documents will show you language like this paragraph from the resolution negotiated at the recent Commission on Population and Development (2011).

 PP20. Recognizing that under-age and forced marriage and early sexual relationships have adverse psychological effects on girls and that early pregnancy and early motherhood entail complications during pregnancy and delivery and a risk of maternal mortality and morbidity that is much greater than average…,

 Did you notice the phrase “early sexual relationships have adverse psychological effects on girls…?”  We agree!  But here’s the insane part.  Just a few paragraphs earlier – in the same UN document – there is a paragraph touting the importance of “providing young people with comprehensive education on human sexuality, on sexual and reproductive health…”  You might not think that’s a big deal until you know what the UN-types consider to be good comprehensive education on human sexuality.

International Planned Parenthood and UNFPA have recently introduced their “It’s All ONE” program and it’s being promoted to the children of the world.  This new comprehensive sex education curriculum trains students in “pleasuring themselves and others” with masturbation, oral and anal sex, and the techniques for achieving an orgasm as well as promoting same-sex behavior, abortion rights, and legalization of prostitution.  This curriculum openly tells young people that it is not necessary to wait until marriage to have sexual relations.

The custom of under-age and forced marriage needs to end – now!   But to then see a phrase like “early sexual relationships have adverse psychological effects on girls” coming from people who promote anything and everything sexual for young people, leaves you shaking your head in amazement.

It appears that the radical left is totally OK with young girls having sex – just as long as they’re not married.


  • John P. Abeyta
    Posted at 14:02h, 14 May

    The mind is so powerful yet so delicate, so fragil. A child is so innocent! If we teach them untruths, it’s like infecting a computer with viruses and malware. We cause so much harm to the individual and to society! We are the guardians of these innocents, it is up to us to teach them truth, not perversions. It seems to me that those who would teach a child these things have psychological issues. Perhpas they are sexual predators, perverts, pedophiles, leading these children into their lair. Let us not tire in standing up for the truth! Fight the good fight!

  • John P. Abeyta
    Posted at 14:09h, 14 May

    “It would be a great tragedy for the entire human family if the United States, which prides itself on its consecration to freedom, were to lose sight of the true meaning of the noble word. America : you cannot insist on the right to choose, without also insisting on the duty to choose well, the duty to choose the truth.” Pope John Paul II

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