There is No Substitute for Traditional Marriage

There is No Substitute for Traditional Marriage

Rachel Allison

Five years ago one of my closest friends chose a lesbian life-style.  Prior to her decision she was devoted to her church and her faith.  I know she doesn’t attend church services any more, but I hope she continues to stay close to God through sincere and heart-felt prayer. She says she’s happy.  I don’t doubt her.

This dear friend has been in my thoughts these past few days because of a conversation I had last week with a heterosexual woman who advocates for Christian Gays and Lesbians.  Our conversation was at her request.  She wants us at United Families International to change our stance on same-sex marriage.  After a conversation that lasted close to three hours, my parting words to her were these,  “because we care for these people, we cannot change our stance. We cannot support a life-style that is self-destructive.”

This advocate of the gay/lesbian society is a good woman with a big heart.  Her intentions are admirable, as are those who are determined to have God in their lives no matter what their life style choice. Even so there are numerous studies on this issue, and all data points to traditional marriage, between one man and one woman, to be the ideal for not only those involved, but for society.

One study that supports traditional marriage, was conducted in 1935 by a renowned anthropologist, Joseph Daniel Unwin who tried to prove the opposite: “that  marriage was irrelevant and even a harmful institution.”  He studied some 80+ civilizations and the evidence proved that only man/woman marriage with absolute monogamy leads to the cultural prosperity of a society.  Anything else, degrades society….and the effects of the degradation emerge within the third generation. To read more go “here.”

Further, studies show that couples that are abstinent until marriage have a fidelity rate of 95% +.  Domestic same-sex partners have a fidelity rate of zero to 5%.

I admire people who are loving and accepting of friends and family who are gay. Our opinions about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman should never lead us to mistreat or malign others.  In fact, religious beliefs dictate understanding and compassion.  But we can never, in the process of showing understanding and compassion, lose sight of  the fact that the lives of  children and and the long-term stability of society are predicated upon faithful marriage between men and women.

For studies and research on sexual orientation issues go here.

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