UFI’s ‘Stay Alive’ Program Reaches more Children!

UFI’s ‘Stay Alive’ Program Reaches more Children!

United Families International is pleased to announce that Trivani Foundation has joined the Stay Alive team.

“The Stay Alive Program is an international program created to address the HIV/AIDS problem in many parts of the world in order to save lives and offer a higher standard of living. This program targets children ages 9-14 and teaches them how to make smart choices before they become sexually active. A basic understanding of what HIV/AIDS is as well as how it is transmitted is a key component of the program. In addition, children learn how to protect themselves from the disease through celibacy, practicing sexual abstinence before marriage and by staying faithful in marriage.” (Trivani press release)

The Trivani Foundation is creating a new Stay Alive outreach program in Northern Uganda. To learn more about  Trivani Foundation and their work with the Stay Alive program go here.

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