Your children and their “Right to Comprehensive Sex Ed”

Your children and their “Right to Comprehensive Sex Ed”

The UN ideologues are at it again! This week a special UN Rapporteur or “expert” will be presenting to the UN General Assembly (GA) a report promoting yet another fabricated human-right – the “right to comprehensive sexual education.”   Comprehensive sex education is a movement promoting a curriculum that seeks to minimize abstinence while promoting what amounts to early sexualization of our children. The report, The Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, outlines how children have a right to sex education unfettered by parents, religion and outdated notions of patriarchy that were designed to oppress sexuality.

Religion and patriarchy are barriers to sexual fulfillment

In the report’s opening statements it is made clear that Mr. Vernor Munoz, the UN special Rapporteur on Education, views religion as a stumbling block to sexual fulfillment.  He states that religion promotes patriarchy and patriarchy seeks to control sexuality; it is “a system of social order imposing supremacy of men over women…determines strict roles for men and women and even divides the sexes against themselves.”(para 7)  The reports also purports “that young people who believe in full gender equality have better sexual lives.”(para 21)

“[T]he Special Rapporteur considers that pleasure in and enjoyment of sexuality…should be one of the goals of comprehensive sexual education, abolishing guilt feelings about eroticism…  restricting sexual education to the issue of sexually transmitted diseases gives a limited view of sexuality…reducing sexual education to these aspects may create an erroneous associate between sexuality and disease, which is as harmful as associating it with sin.”(para 15)

The report warns that in some cases “sexual education has been obstructed in the name of religious ideas” and outlandishly states that “comprehensive [sex] education acts as a guarantor of a democratic and pluralistic environment.” (para 6)

Parents are not to have a say in their child’s sexual education

One of the more disturbing aspects of this report is the Rapporteur’s efforts to diminish parental involvement in their children’s sexual education.  You, as a parent, are not to have a say. The report pays special attention to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and openly states that a barrier to sexual education is “allowing parents to exempt their children from such education.” (para 27)

The report notes that various UN treaty monitoring have “called upon States to provide sexual education in a compulsory and systematic manner in schools”[emphasis added] (para 25) and that sex education should be a mandatory part of primary education.  It appears the author believes that even elementary students should be taught “their right to sexual pleasure.”  No mention is made of the importance of teaching young children and youth that sexual relations should occur within the bounds of marriage and instead refers to teaching children about “responsible partnerships and parenthood.” (para 35)  Marriage is mentioned one time and only in a negative context. (para 69)

Government’s role is to provide “better sexual lives”?

One of the more bizarre aspects of the report is the continual reference to the government’s necessary role in providing “better sexual lives” for young people. ”   With all of the supposed jobs of government, we’re not sure we would have ever thought of that one!  The reports regularly references the “goal of education for sexuality”–read that again a second time and note that it is significantly different from traditional sex education.

The report, in general, slams men and states that “the goal of education for sexuality is also to construct affects and develop a transforming role for men by going beyond the strictly genital and physical aspect.” (para 22)

Playing the “diversity” and sexual orientation card

The report seems to not miss an opportunity to promote “sexual diversity” and prominently features the Yogyakarta Principles as “a fundamental tool” that the “Special Rapporteur fully endorses…” (para 23, 67)  This document was created by sexual rights activists in 2006 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; it seeks to redefine gender and promote governmental, legal and societal recognition–including protection and promotion–of all types of sexual orientation. Now, this report wants to ensure that the Yogyakarta Principles will be applied to the education of children all over the world.

The report adds that it wants you, the taxpayer and civil society, to pay for their brand of sex education:  “These policies should focus on rights, gender, and respect for diversity; provide for coordination among agencies and with civil society; and provide the resources necessary to their implementation;” (para 87)

The report finishes up by calling on the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to “investigate specific problems relating to barriers and challenges to effect enjoyed of the right to Comprehensive Sexual Education…”  These radicals appear to be very serious about enforcing their dogma. (para 88)


UN “experts” this very week are promoting to international policy makers a mandated role of promoting and providing sexual rights -including sexual pleasure along with sexual health– deconstruction of male/female roles, and support for “sexual diversity” and the normalization of a range of sexual behaviors.  We cannot allow this particular document to be accorded any credibility or support.  The radical “sexual rights” agenda is gaining momentum within the international system and it must be stopped.

United Families International will have a representative at UN headquarters again this week addressing these issues and promoting a pro-family, pro-life position to UN delegates and committees.  The crucial “Third Committee” meetings continue to take place and UFI will do its part to ensure that documents such as this report do not get traction and that positive, family-affirming language finds its place in the ever-developing UN and international body of law.  As long as the UN system exists, and as long as that system promotes a radical, sexualized agenda, there is no other choice.

Please contact the U.S. State Department or the Foreign Affairs Ministers in your country to express your displeasure and objection to The Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education.  Remember too, that in many nations elections will be held yet this calendar year.  Remind your elected leaders of how important the institution of the family and parental rights are to you. Urge them to specifically reject this report –it is aimed directly at you, your children, and your faith.


The incoming Special Rapporteur for Education presented the above mentioned report to the UN General Assembly late on Monday afternoon.  Many UN member states were quick to criticize the report:  The Russian Federation, the Holy See, The Arab and African Groups, the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and Caricom (coalition of Caribbean member states).  Our colleague Patrick Buckley, UN consultant for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, reported that “the U.S. [delegation] while expressing support for the right to education agreed that there is no such international right to comprehensive sexuality education.”

The Caricom group’s delivered statement harshly criticized the report:

“According to CARICOM’s understanding, “a right to sexual education, a right to comprehensive sexual education, or a right to sexuality education”, does not exist in any internationally agreed human rights instrument…  We therefore wish to put on record our strong disapproval of this attempt by the Special Rapporteur to create a new right within the universally established right to education, far exceeding his mandate and the mandate of the Council itself in the process…  [W]e take umbrage at the license taken by the Special Rapporteur in indulging his personal interests at the expense of Member States.”

The UN General Assembly took no action on the report during Monday’s gathering.  UFI will continue to work to keep this outrageous report from continuing through the UN system.  Watch our UFI blog and Tuesday alerts for up-dates.  For more information on some of the statements delivered in response to The Special Rapporteur’s Report on Education, visit Patrick Buckley’s blog here.

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