Tuberculosis is dangerous, but somehow HIV/Aids isn’t?

Tuberculosis is dangerous, but somehow HIV/Aids isn’t?

Had an interesting conversation with a woman who recently completed a Masters Degree in social work at a state university.  I thought I’d share with UFI readers a few of this woman’s insights.

How does an advocate for pro-family, pro-life positions, handle completing a degree and then working in a profession that is so overtly antagonistic towards someone who doesn’t accept same-sex behavior as normal?

We, as counselors, were taught that we were always to affirm gay behavior.  My professors view same-sex behavior as completely normal.  What is absolutely unacceptable is to tell a gay individual that there is treatment to assist them to change.  That is viewed as entirely unethical.  “The message was clear from the first day of class and it was ’If you want to survive in this program long enough to get a degree, you’ll do it our way.’  So I did it their way, knowing that as soon as I graduated I would reject much of what I was being taught.”

So how long do you think you’ll be able to keep your professional license if you don’t adhere to the principles of counseling and social work that they outlined for you?

Well, I have found a few like-minded individuals in my profession and we all agree that the day will come that we will be required to change our positions or leave the profession.  I don’t know how long it will be, but we all pretty much agree it is going to happen.  I do know that there is plenty of conversation about  private universities, particularly those owned by churches, that are already preparing to drop their social work, counseling, and some of their psychology programs and degrees because they anticipate losing their accreditation because of their positions.

We deal a lot with Planned Parenthood and recently they created a booklet aimed at individuals who have HIV/AIDs.  The booklet “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” tells young people that they aren’t required to disclose to their sex partners that they are infected.  In fact, the booklet informs them that they have “a right” to keep that information secret.  What’s that all about?

“ Oh yes…that’s exactly the way it is.  My professors and people I work with now would totally agree with that.  You see they assume that all people are going to use condoms perfectly and will not engage in any “unsafe” sexual behaviors.  So, they believe they won’t be infecting any person with the HIV virus so they don’t need to tell them.  To tell someone to disclose their HIV/AIDs state or to force them to disclose that information would be discriminatory.”

She added “the real odd thing is that we, as social workers and counselors, are required to file reports on individuals if we even suspect that someone might have tuberculosis.  People with tuberculosis are, in effect, to be quarantined.  Although there is airborne transmission of tuberculosis, to get tuberculosis you have to have close contact with people—for a quite a long period of time.  Yet, HIV-Aids is transmitted during sexual relationships and with exchanges of body fluids, yet the health community doesn’t require anything of us in regard to individuals with HIV/aids.  They aren’t even held accountable for telling their sex partners.  They can be infected with a contagious lethal disease, but they get a free pass.  I guess that’s what happens when an agenda and politics override common sense.”

Now take into consideration that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released a report stating that one out of every five gay men are infected with HIV/AIDs and of that group 44 percent of them are not aware that they are infected.  Those are disturbing numbers at many levels, yet the public health care system shines a spotlight on tuberculosis, but there seems to be little to no accountability for those with HIV/AIDs.   Pretty amazing.

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  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 07:54h, 14 October

    You just can’t escape the law of the harvest. Courageous young woman.

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