Quebec Teaches Immigrants Respecting Homosexuality is “Common Value”

Quebec Teaches Immigrants Respecting Homosexuality is “Common Value”

Last week we wrote a post about Quebec’s aggressive new anti-homophobia law, which takes as its target any group or individual morally or religiously opposed to the practice of homosexuality. Well, it appears Quebec is also making acceptance of homosexuality a requirement for immigration.

According to a recent article in The Toronto Star, new immigrants to Quebec are now required to take an hour-and-a-half course on Quebec’s “common values” and sign a declaration agreeing to abide by those values.

And what are those common values? Namely, respect for diversity, particularly, sexual diversity.

The Toronto Star reports:

“’We’re open to diversity,’ explained the instructor, Anne Martin, a slim woman with an easy smile, referencing everyone from youth punks to the handicapped to different cultural groups.

“‘And also to homosexuality,’ she added, this time looking serious, her reading glasses perched at the end of her nose. Gays enjoy the same rights as anyone else, she said. ‘It’s also proof of our diversity.’”

The Immigration and Cultural Communities Minister, Yolande James, explained the new policy by pointing out that immigrating to Quebec “is not a right, it’s a privilege.” She went on,

“The person who wants to join Quebec society should be well informed of Quebec values.”

The question this raises, however, is whose values are actually being taught under the auspices of “common values.” And who is determining these values?

  • Therese T
    Posted at 00:00h, 06 January

    Since when is a controversial issue to be seen as a “common” value? I call it an agenda, not a value to push homosexuality on those immigrants who embrace ‘family’ values. It’s like trying to force someone to take poison when the perpretrators KNOW it violates other peoples conscience. To violate a persons conscience isn’t what I call a ‘common’ value.

  • Ken Schwanke
    Posted at 15:17h, 06 January

    On the one hand I admire Quebec taking a stand regarding its immigrants and the importance of holding or accepting Canadian values. I think the rest of Canada would do well to adopting a similar policy. But surely there are values we could emphasize that are far more important than ones pertaining to sexual orientation. Why not go after the “big ones” like freedom of religion and speech, democracy, western rule of law (not Sharia law), Tim Horton’s – the big ones! I think most Canadians are tolerant of homosexuality, but raising it to the top of a list of Canadian values? There is definitely an agenda behind this.

  • Carol
    Posted at 17:50h, 06 January

    There goes Quebec dictating again. Homosexuality is not a Canadian value, it’s a sexual preference. I agree with Ken that Quebec should be going after freedom of religion, western rule of law (not Sharia Law), democracy, etc.

  • Don G.
    Posted at 20:05h, 13 October

    Quebec and its ultra left leaning government are like a cancer in Canada. Contrary to some peoples’ beliefs, homosexuality is not accepted by the majority in Canada, quite the opposite. It is immoral and shameful and should not be tolerated nor glorified.

  • Joël Gray
    Posted at 02:37h, 26 June

    Contrary to some people’s beliefs, most Quebecers are neither dictatorial nor cancerous. They do, however, have an odd peculiarity–they don’t appreciate being negatively stereotyped by the ROC for their government’s stance on various issues.

    Now thats not to say Quebecers dont have flaws. You will, for instance, have to forgive this separation-obsessed province for seeking to identify what it is to be Canadian (!!), particularly for those entering its borders. (And yes, lets hope we keep working at it, as the effort needs some fine-tuning, by all accounts).

    Quebec also needs to be forgiven for being one of the only provinces where succeeding a 2-semester course on the history of Canada is a pre-requisite for HS graduation. Most right-thinking provinces of the ROC require no such study, and therefore graduate right-thinking people who make online statements that are geocentric in nature and underscore their historical perspective (or lack thereof).

    Nevertheless, let us be clear–Quebec ought certainly beg forgiveness from the ROC for the glaring speck in its eye.

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