The Power of Good Women

The Power of Good Women

by Maddi Gillel

I have noticed in the past few years the power women have for good or evil, depending on the choices they, themselves, make.  I can see that women of all ages have an aura around them of good which influences others for good by lifting, strengthening, building, mentoring, or of evil which destroys, saddens, weakens and discourages others.

There is really no middle ground today.  Women can’t think that they’re not hurting anyone by their choices; that they’re just minding their own business.  To do GOOD, we must be proactive and reach out to help others, encourage others, work with others, including and especially family members, neighbors, etc.

Helping others is seldom convenient, and can involve time and a lot of hard work at times.  The payoff , however, is a deeper love of others, more depth to our souls, and a bettering of our world.

They talk about a woman’s sphere

As though it has a limit.

There’s not a place in earth or heaven,

There’s not a task to mankind given.

There’s not a blessing nor a woe

There’s not a whispered yes or no.

There’s not a life, or death, or birth,

That has a feather’s weight of worth . . .

Without a woman in it.

C.E. Bowman

Someone once observed Mother Theresa holding and comforting a child, and said to her: “With so many children in the world who need help, what does one matter?”

To which Mother Theresa responded, “It matters to this child.”

This has become part of my creed.

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