Today is “Chick-fil-A Appreciate Day” Take a Stand!

Today is “Chick-fil-A Appreciate Day” Take a Stand!

Ann Bailey

Gather up your family and friends, today, and head for your local Chick-fil-A.  Here’s your chance to stand up for free speech, religious freedom and traditional marriage.  It is important that politicians, media, and gay advocates not be allowed to bully and discriminate against individuals because of their viewpoint.  Go to the business and purchase something big or small, but at the very least, stop in and say “Thank You!”

A few minutes ago I received a text from my husband that read like this:

Today is Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.  Please, please, please, take the kids and go there today.  What the left is doing to people who have a different viewpoint is wrong and very frightening.  We need to support good people who have the courage to take a stand.

My husband is out-of-town on business and not in an area that has a Chick-fil-A.  He was considering driving 150 miles to find one!  I told him that was probably a little much, but I’d be sure to encourage people to get involved.

So I will add my plea to his:  “Please, please, please take your family and friends with you to Chick-fil-A today.”  Show up at school or your place of work carrying your Chick-fil-A bag.   Or, go into the business and just say “thank you,” but show up.

After my husband’s first text, I responded that I was “already on it.”  He texted back:  “Good!  The support needs to be unbelievably over the top.”

He’s right.   This is one time that you can help send a very clear and important message. 

If you’ve been on vacation and not aware of what’s been happening to Chick-fil-A, you can catch up with these articles:

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  • Anastasia
    Posted at 08:26h, 02 August

    As I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat at Chikfila anyway. Due to what is happening, I *will* inform my friends and siblings that they should not eat there anymore. I believe in the rights of homosexuals to marry…after all, they are loving families too, and deserve the protections and tax writeoffs that traditional families do. In the same way that a previous writer said she would no longer buy Ben&Jerry’s or General Mills, I will ensure that my family and friends do not buy meals at Chikfila.

    Despite my stance on the rights of homosexual marriage, I feel it is discrimination for the mayor to do this to the restaurant. Chikfila may have a view I heavily disagree with, but they’ve done nothing legally/morally wrong. Now, if they violate the law and refuse to hire based on sexual orientation, that is an ENTIRELY different matter! But as far as I can tell, they have not done so and are thus being unfairly targeted.

    Personally, I don’t know why food manufacturers are getting involved in politics. The pro marriage stance of General Mills doesn’t affect the way they produce cereal, just as Chikfila’s anti marriage stance doesn’t affect the taste of their food. It is all getting too involved for me…can’t we just live and let live?

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