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by Diane Robertson

Telescope Media group is a small couple owned business in Minnesota that makes small promotional films or commercials for local events. The company is Christian based and Christian in purpose.

Their website advertises the purpose of the company as follows:

“Telescope is based on this reality:

‘God’s goal at every stage of creation and salvation is to magnify His glory… A microscope magnifies by making tiny things look bigger than they are. A telescope magnifies by making gigantic things (like stars), which look tiny, appear more as they really are. God created the universe to magnify His glory the way a telescope magnifies stars.’

– John Piper Dangerous Duty of Delight

As much as it depends on us, we aim to make God look more like He really is through our lives, business, and actions.

We want to magnify Christ like a telescope.”

Telescope Media Group is now facing serious legal problems because state officials in Minnesota are using the state non-discrimination law to force the company to release a film or commercial that promotes same sex marriage. Apparently if they make a film promoting the benefits of marriage between one man and one woman, it is discrimination to not to do the same for same sex marriage.

Now imagine if things were the opposite. Imagine that a gay couple or even a small group of heterosexual people start a small film company with the purpose to promote and teach about LGBTQ issues and same sex marriage. They offer their services to those who believe in their values, and their website clearly defines the purpose for their films. Would state officials approach that company and tell them that they needed to produce a film that discusses how marriage between a man and a woman is most beneficial to children and society? Certainly not. Why? Because it would be offensive.

The difference is, the state doesn’t care if Christians are offended. The state has one message it wants to promote and it will do what it can to shut down all others.