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The results of this week’s UFI readers poll gives some unsurprising results.  What is surprising is that so many pro-family, pro-life educators continue to affiliate with these controversial organizations.

Question asked:

“Is it the role of education groups like the National Education Association (NEA) or the PTA to be an advocate for controversial social policy issues?”

94%     “No”

6%         “Not sure”

0%         “Yes”

Clearly, most of UFI readers believe social policy advocacy is not part of the job description for the educational groups; but, unfortunately, they are using membership dues to promote a particular viewpoint.  We direct your attention  to these articles:

American Teachers Should Revolt

The NEA and its state affiliates have proven themselves disinterested in the business of actually improving the quality of education for students.  As the NEA’s own summer convention demonstrated, they are preoccupied with using dues dollars to advocate: repeal of all right-to-work laws, federal funding of sexual orientation instruction, federal funding to educate illegal aliens, universal healthcare, and (of course) killing human children in the womb.   Teachers, you do have options!  Read more

Education Establishment is Not a Friend of the Family

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest professional organization and labor union in the U.S. and its influence on education reaches around the world.  Their power and influence extends from the walls of the school room to legislative halls as they promote and finance various candidates and initiatives and work to assure their ideology is entrenched in culture.  But what many people may not know, including teachers and parents, is that the NEA is not a friend of the family.  Read more

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