Is your child’s school promoting homosexuality?

Is your child’s school promoting homosexuality?

We just wanted to write a quick post to inform all parents that the National Day of Silence sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network is tomorrow, April 16. Students in schools around the United States will be disrupting classes by refusing to speak, handing out cards promoting homosexuality, and giving speeches about accepting homosexual behavior.

As we wrote yesterday, this is a powerful political tool for the LGBT agenda, but we can do our part to oppose it.

We encourage all parents to find out what their student’s school is doing tomorrow. If your school is allowing your students education to be disrupted to promote an ideology and a behavior you oppose, you have the right to object. Keep your student home.

Every school is paid according to how many students attend each day. Your student’s absence means lost funding for the school and it has been our experience that money speaks louder than silence.

So do some research and see what your student’s school is planning for tomorrow. It is up to you to ensure your schools support your values.

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