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Ladies, are you paying attention?

Nathalie Bowman

There is “one thing your husband needs, and it’s not what you think”, says Dino Watt of www.bizofmarriage.com. Dino is a relationship expert who coaches entrepreneurs in improving their marriage as well as their business. I’ve learned some great things from Dino, and when I read this article, I had to share it with you:

“The One Thing Your Husband Needs (and it’s not what you think)

by Dino Watt

Men Only Like Two Things, Right?

In most marriage and relationship blogs, when it comes to what men want, the writer usually says something like:

“Ladies, you need to understand something. In order to make a man happy, he only needs one of two things. So, if he isn’t horny, make him a sandwich.”

To an extent, this might be true. However, men are even easier to understand than that. A real man only wants to be one thing to his wife, and only asks for one thing in return.

This one thing is why wars have been fought over women.

This one thing will make men turn off the television (not just mute it) when you talk to them.

This one thing is so valuable to a man he will just about kill, either himself or someone else, for it.

Are you listening ladies? I mean it. Listen close. Lean into the screen a little more. This is all you need to know for the REST OF YOUR LIFE and you will have the man of your dreams.

All we ever want to be is your ……… “SUPER”MAN!

I’ll Do Anything… I Swear!

If we know we are your hero, your knight in shining armor, we will do whatever you ask. We will wear the Christmas sweater to the office party. We will browse Pottery Barn magazines with you. We will sleep in a bedroom that’s painted lavender with overly ruffled comforters. We will plant gardens, visit home decorating shows, wear matching clothes in a family photo,  and get up in the middle of the night when you hear something, even though we know it was the wind. We will be glad to miss the play-offs because your mother is coming over, and we will even talk to her when she does.

We will literally do anything and everything you ask us to do as long as we know we are your hero.

You’re probably thinking it can’t be this easy. Oh, but it is. Here’s the hard part for you. This is where you have all the power and yet, you sometimes fail to recognize it.

Why do you fail? I will tell you in a moment. For now, I want you to know how easy it is for you to let us know that we are your Super Man. It’s something small, really.

This one small thing will cement our place in “SUPER”MAN-DOM, and all I mentioned before will be yours…..”

click here to continue the article and find out how to do that ‘one small thing’ that will make a huge difference in your marriage.