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“Nothing much is going to change [for women’s equality] until men are raising children as much as women are,” proclaims Gloria Steinem.  Steinem, the outspoken feminist icon of Ms. Magazine fame, was at Harvard/Radcliffe graduation festivities reports the recent edition of Harvard Magazine.  Ms. Steinem identified herself as a “hope-aholic” and counseled grads “Don’t ever believe that men can’t change.”  After all, she said, men did learn how to type…once computers were invented.

Speaking at a luncheon on Commencement Day, Kevin Jennings (Harvard class of 1985), Pres. Obama’s Education Czar and the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, did his best to give a heavy dose of guilt to attendees and advance his own personal agenda:

“Speaking for a moment as a historian…I want to think about the people who…are not here today.  The Native Americans on whose land we built our University.  The women who for 300 years were not enrolled here.  The Jews who were excluded with quotas…and of course gay men like myself who were purged from the University in the 1920s.  But my toast ultimately is to the motto of Harvard, Veritas…because in the end…the truth will set you free.”

So much for the wisdom of those who are invited to grace the podiums of high-end academic institutions….

Quotes taken from Harvard Magazine:


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