Teacher Fired for Comment on Origins of Homosexuality Wins $100K Settlement

Teacher Fired for Comment on Origins of Homosexuality Wins $100K Settlement

There have been two “fired” professors in the news lately.  Both were dismissed from their teaching assignments because a student complained of being “offended” by the professors’ remarks on homosexuality.

In June 2007, June Sheldon adjunct professor at San Jose/Evergreen Community College District, made a statement in class regarding research of a well-known German scientist that found a correlation between maternal stress during pregnancy and later homosexual behavior in males.  When a student complained, the school launched an investigation and declared her comments “offensive and unscientific.”  Ms. Sheldon was later terminated.

This past spring, the University of Illinois fired Ken Howell an adjunct professor who taught courses on Catholicism was fired after a student accused him of engaging in hate speech because he discussed the Catholic teaching that homosexual sex is contrary to natural moral law.

The good news:  June Sheldon, with the help of Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) and Pacific Justice Institute, received a legal settlement of $100k from San Jose Community College and is currently teaching at another college.  Ken Howell is also receiving legal help from ADF; his case is still in process.

“Professors shouldn’t be fired simply for doing their jobs as educators. Professionally addressing both sides of an academic issue according to the class curriculum is not grounds for dismissal; it’s what a professor is supposed to do,” remarked ADF Litigation Staff Counsel David J. Hacker.

These two cases show the efforts underway on many college campuses to stifle alternative viewpoints.   The message to all academics?  “Be very, very careful what you say… and definitely speak only supportive words about homosexual behavior.”   Even though college administrators may eventually be forced to back down and have to pay out money for their blunder, the message is still sent.  The chilling effect on academic freedom has already occurred.

One last thought, how many conservative students are “offended” by their leftist professors remarks every single school day?  Somehow I doubt their “feelings” are going to get the same level of attention by the college administration as gay students or those who espouse liberal viewpoints.  Double  standard?  Boy, is that an understatement.

  • garry
    Posted at 22:37h, 04 August

    Its about time that the justice system shows that its not run by some homosexual group. I have been thinking lately the homosexual agenda was paying the judges salaries? My gosh I guess I am wrong…its actually taxpayers that pay. Oh ya and we do live in a free speech country the last time I checked? Oh ya its only what the gay agenda say you can say right? You have to agree with their perverted ideas…and if you don’t …you get tape put on your mouth and sent to your room….oh I mean fired from your job? Oh now that’s real equality. Meanwhile the homosexuals are running through churches on sunday throwing condoms around , and threatening old ladies on the street as they emerge from their sunday service. But that’s OK. They are also allowed to banter, bash and deride any group that has any association with religion?

  • Eric
    Posted at 06:55h, 05 August

    Excellent article. I do have a concern, though. For years the liberals have been trying to get homosexuality labeled as “Normal”. In your article you appear to concede this point to them and list the normal view as “alternative” in your statement “These two cases show the efforts underway on many college campuses to stifle alternative viewpoints.” I know you mean in relation to their viewpoint, but we are not “alternative”, we are main stream, majority.

    Thank you for the excellent article.!

  • Clay Boggess
    Posted at 08:38h, 19 August

    This is a definite victory for free speech! If these educators were merely stating opinions, the students also had a right to question those opinions. That is also their right to free speech. Perhaps an informative debate could have come out of this in class instead of what ended up happening.

  • Enrique Bruna
    Posted at 21:37h, 23 August

    Vivo en Chile y espero que estas cosas nunca lleguem a ocurrir en mi pais. Pero estas esperanzas pueden verse frustradas si no hacemos algo ya.
    Aqui en Chile tambien han avanzado las pretenciones de los grupos gay asociados con politicos socialistas.
    Trataremos de organizarnos para detener esto, pero creo que la mejor manera es enseñando lo correcto.
    “No seas vencido de lo malo , sinó vence con el bien el mal” es el consejo del Señor. Enseñar lo correcto, enseñar la belleza y nobleza de una vida limpia y ordenada conforme a Dios nos puede garantizar el triunfo.
    Enrique Bruna

  • Claudia Mayer
    Posted at 13:58h, 02 October

    i understand the prejudice people show around homosexual people ^_^

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