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The following guest post is an excerpt from “Standing Up to Goliath” by Rebecca Friedrichs

In 2013 a dear friend sent me a most shocking email message. She forwarded it from a young mother living in Northern California. The email’s subject was: The Latest Horror! The horror the young mother articulated was the fifth-grade sex education program at her eleven-year-old daughter’s public school. She felt a strong desire to educate other parents on the scandalous lessons within the curriculum, and our mutual friend thought I could help her spread her message to a wider audience. She sent me a link to the teacher’s manual for the entire eight-week Planned Parenthood-designed curriculum called Making Proud Choices! And I was shocked.

The first activity to which she alerted me was “Condom Relay Races.” In the lesson plan, the teacher is told to instruct the boys and girls on condom use and demonstrate the steps in using one. She is directed to set up two anatomically correct, fully erect adult penis models and to put her classroom full of pre-teens into two lines.

She’s told to make it a fun activity.

The two teams of children have to race—each child has to put a condom onto the penis the proper way and verbalize the steps involved. The team who finishes first, wins.

My immediate reaction to this “fun” lesson? This is child abuse, and I would resign my position before being forced to teach this deplorable lesson to children. It’s more suitable to a drunken fraternity party than a classroom full of vulnerable kids. I remember vividly what it was like to be eleven years old, and I’ve worked with eleven-year-old children for three decades. I can assert with authority that most eleven-year-olds forced to touch fully erect man-sized penis models and discuss condoms, penises, and sex would be profoundly traumatized.

A curriculum of overt sexual indoctrination

The initial page of the teachers’ manual would give a person the idea that the program simply focuses on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and unplanned pregnancies, (which, by the way, is too much information for eleven-year-olds), but as soon as you turn the page, the overt sexual indoctrination of children begins.

Even the rules, which are to be posted throughout the eight weeks of lessons, are a form of indoctrination and could lead to the abuse of children. The second rule, “Don’t Yuck My Yum (WOW),” states, “If someone feels the need to make a noise about a specific thing which may be a sexual activity we say, ‘WOW.’ We don’t say, ‘eww’ because we don’t want to say anything bad about something someone else likes. This would take away the safe space of the classroom and not everyone would feel comfortable sharing.”

Never mind that almost every single word and activity the teacher must present is excruciatingly uncomfortable for the teacher and an assault on the innocence and privacy of every child in the room, and “Eww” is the only appropriate response.

As I continued reading the Making Proud Choices! teachers’ manual, I felt sexually violated, and I had to repeatedly get up to pace the room because I was fuming that children and teachers are being abused with this sort of inappropriate curriculum. The lessons started out telling the eleven-year-olds: “Proud and responsible behavior includes protecting yourself by using a condom when you have sex. By sex, we mean vaginal, anal, or oral sex (VAO).”

Vaginal, anal, and oral sex (referred to casually as VAO) is introduced and normalized in every single lesson, and in one lesson, kids are taught to protect themselves during anal and oral sex by using a “dental dam.” I had no idea what this meant, so I had to look it up. I was so shocked by what I saw in the search results, I couldn’t bring myself to open any of the links, but I was able to understand enough to learn dental dams, originally created to help dentists during oral surgery, are now being used between the mouth and anus or vagina during oral sex, and our school leaders feel this is appropriate information for eleven-year-olds.

This was all so over the top, bizarre, and abusive I thought maybe it was limited to just one misguided school district in Northern California, that is until a mom reached out to me about a story of a very similar sex education program for sophomores at a high school in the suburbs north of Chicago, and a teacher friend sent me an entire website created by parents fighting the same sorts of lessons confronting children in Massachusetts. Then a teacher in my home district in Southern California called me in a panic. She told me she and her teacher colleagues were required to attend teacher trainings in February 2017 on a very similar sex education curriculum called Teen Talk.

Teachers Blindsided

Stella is an eighth-grade physical science teacher who generally teaches chemistry and physics, but suddenly she and the other seventh and eighth-grade science teachers were told they were required to teach Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), which was presented to them through a curriculum called Teen Talk.

Stella shared, “Our training session was the first any of us knew about the new sex education program. In the front of the room there were various tools for sexual use. I remember seeing about sixteen birth control methods including an ‘insertive condom’ that can be used in the vagina or anus, government-approved birth control methods we’d never even heard of or seen, and a large erect penis model.”

Stella and her colleagues were told that to be in compliance with the law, they needed to teach all of the methods for birth control and safeguarding against communicable, sexually transmitted infections, and they had to use language that embraced all relationships. She said, “They told us the law says that we don’t just tell the kids these tools are available, but we need to use ‘age appropriate’ lessons to instruct the children in their proper use. We were also told that we had to use the word ‘partner.’ We could not use ‘he,’ or ‘she,’ or ‘boyfriend,’ or ‘girlfriend’ any longer.”

Stella said, “We were all floored by the content in Teen Talk. It had really extreme and explicit sexual content and graphics, a lot of detailed discussion about intercourse, anal sex, oral sex, and really immature handling of it with games and activities that demonstrated sexual practices. You’re using these inappropriate childish games to teach something that is far beyond age appropriate. This was not family life or teaching kids how their bodies were changing or what to expect with hormones. This was straight up training them to partake in various sexual acts.”

Stella, her colleagues and our group of informed parents were able to keep Teen Talk away from the kids in our district in 2017, but the curriculum reappeared in 2018. Thankfully, more parents and grandparents have joined the fight, and as I write, we’re forming committees and working with some school board members in hopes of protecting the children from the new curriculum, but we’re told the ACLU is putting pressure on districts that try to avoid these curriculums.

California leading the way with radical indoctrination disguised at as “education”

More horrifying information came my way through another teacher, Priscilla, who also serves as a school board member. As part of her due diligence as a trustee tasked with voting on the selection of a new sex education curriculum that’s compliant with the new California laws, she asked the publisher of Teen Talk for information on other districts already using their curriculum and for respected organizations that support Teen Talk’s contents. They sent Priscilla their list of seventy-two districts and twelve independent schools or charters across the state of California that are already being trained in or using the Teen Talk curriculum. They also informed her, “The ACLU is a big supporter of our curriculum because it is one of only a few that meet the California Ed Code mandate.” According to Priscilla, another curriculum that meets the mandate is APEX, which is an online health class currently being used in fifty-three districts in California.

According to California law, all students are required to take part in sexual orientation/gender identity lessons, and according to current interpretations of the law, parents cannot opt out of these lessons. Priscilla shared, “in my district nearly 1,700 ninth graders have completed the ‘gender identity / sexual orientation’ pilot of the APEX online curriculum, which is imbedded into the new health requirements for graduation because of the new California Healthy Youth Act. In the course, gender identity is defined as a ‘continuum’—it’s the way a person ‘feels’ about their gender, regardless of biological sex. Transgenderism is introduced. Concerning sexual orientation, students are taught they can either be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, pansexual, asexual, or questioning. Pansexual is defined as attracted to many different genders.”

Using data from the CDC, Red Cross, FDA, and HIV.gov, Priscilla has been challenging these curriculums because while teaching risky sexual behaviors, they are withholding vital information that would protect students from contracting or transmitting HIV. She told me, “The law says its purpose is to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their sexual and reproductive health from HIV. However, given the critical knowledge they are withholding from students, it seems the real purpose is to promote various sexual orientations.”

So, who’s responsible for bringing sexually charged information into our classrooms, undermining parental authority, teacher autonomy, and childhood innocence?

In California, the Healthy Youth Act was sponsored by the ACLU of California; California Latinas for Reproductive Justice; Forward Together, whose mission statement reads: “A multi-racial organization that works together with community leaders and organizations to transform culture and policy to catalyze social change”; Equality California; and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. The coalition of supporters included the California School Boards Association, the California Teachers’ Association, and the California State PTA. These organizations, and others, collaborate nationally and internationally to push sexual ideas and topics onto children while undermining parental authority and the family structure. Though teachers are blamed for promoting these ideas and policies, after teaching in public schools for 28 years, I don’t know one single teacher who would present these lessons to children, or adults! America’s teachers are not only horrified and agonizingly embarrassed, they are terrified as well because the powers forcing these lessons into our schools, bully teachers who dare to speak out against them.

Teachers vs. teachers’ unions

Though America’s good teachers are staunchly against sexualizing precious children, teachers are represented by state and national teachers’ unions who collect hundreds of millions of dollars each year from loving teachers and spend that money behind our backs and against our wills to push Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) including intense indoctrination in gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. They also lobby for, fund, market and promote a very divisive social, sexual and political agenda throughout our nation (and the world), and the majority of teachers have no idea. Because most teachers like their local union associations (their friends standing together against a corrupt system), most believe unions are representing their best interests, but in fact, state and national teachers’ unions are degrading the teaching profession and harming the very treasures that teachers value most – the children.

The National Education Association’s Resolution number “B-53 Sex Education” in the 2016–2017 NEA Resolutions document states, “The National Education Association believes that the developing child’s sexuality is continually and inevitably influenced by daily contacts, including experiences in the school environment…that the public school must assume an increasingly important role in providing the instruction. Teachers and health professionals must be qualified to teach in this area and must be legally protected from censorship and lawsuits…. The Association also believes that to facilitate the realization of human potential, it is the right of every individual to live in an environment of freely available information and knowledge about sexuality…. Such programs should include information on… diversity of culture and diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity…sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and HPV, incest, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and homophobia… age-appropriate, medically accurate information including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) issues. This should include but not be limited to information on sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender expression.”

The trouble is, the unions’ idea of “age-appropriate” and “medically accurate” are far removed from the understanding, professional expertise, scientific evidence, and deeply held beliefs of most teachers and parents. Under the guise of protecting LGBT students from bullying, the unions and their allies sneak in these curriculums that in turn bully mass amounts of children, teachers, and parents into accepting and participating in activities and ideas that are an attack on their personal, religious, safety, and privacy rights.

The reality of “sexual rights”

CSE claims to be evidence based, age-appropriate, medically accurate, and gender sensitive; an essential part of human rights; to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases; and to prevent bullying. It’s sold as a way to promote reproductive health, prevent rape, and even as a way to promote abstinence, but a short overview of any of the curriculums attached to CSE reveals the true nature of Comprehensive Sexuality Education. CSE promotes “sexual rights” for children, encourages them to seek sexual pleasure through masturbation, out of wedlock sexual relationships, same-sex relationships, and to avoid pregnancy through anal and oral sex, free birth control, and trips to clinics for abortions and other emergency contraceptives without parental knowledge or consent.

The majority of teachers have no idea our state and national unions are involved in pushing a politically-charged social and sexual agenda. Many run to the unions for protection from these issues with no idea their unions are the proverbial ‘fox in the hen house.’ Most believe the teachers’ unions gather to improve workplace serenity and teacher pay, so please educate the teachers you know because most are shocked to discover many of the topics dominating discussions at the annual NEA Representative Assembly conventions. Here are a few highlights of some of the 159 New Business Items (NBI’s) acted upon at the 2017 NEA conventions:

  • NBI 18 articulates NEA’s refusal to cooperate with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).
  • NBI 49 calls for homosexual advocacy in schools using materials from GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network).
  • NBI 62 states, “The NEA will publicize our opposition to the travel ban imposed by the current presidential administration, and will join with other organizations in actions to defeat it.”
  • NBI 55 focuses on a “Gender-Inclusive Schools Toolkit” for use in affirmation of gender diversity.
  • NBI 94 asserts, “The NEA supports sanctuary cities and schools and opposes any attacks and attempts to penalize and prohibit such sanctuaries…NEA members and local associations will take an active role in helping to create and defend sanctuary efforts.”

Protecting our children’s innocence

So, what’s the best way to combat the divisive agenda dividing our country, the offensive lessons robbing our children of their innocence, and the constant attacks on Judeo-Christian values? You’ll discover those answers in my book, Standing Up to Goliath in which I share the personal stories of dozens of brave teachers across the country who expose state and national teachers’ unions as the money and muscle behind the degradation of our schools and culture.

Teachers have the power to stop the nightmare because, thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision on June 27, 2018, teachers are suddenly freed from forced unionism. They can now leave unions and pay them nothing. The trouble is, very few teachers are leaving the unions because they’re still represented by, silenced by, and severely bullied by state and national unions, and teachers still have no idea their dues are being used to damage our schools, degrade their profession, undermine parents, and sexualize our kids. That’s why I wrote Standing Up to Goliath, so teachers, parents, faith leaders, and all citizens can discover the root cause of the degradation of our schools and culture: state and national teachers’ unions. I encourage you to share Standing Up to Goliath with your neighbors and teachers at your local schools.

We can and must stand together with teachers and empower them to hold state and national teachers’ unions accountable. To find out how you can encourage teachers to protect local collective bargaining associations while rejecting powerful and corrupt national and state teachers’ unions, go to https://forkidsandcountry.org/.

Rebecca Friedrichs is the face of a national movement to restore the voices and authority of parents and teachers in America’s schools. As a twenty-eight-year public school teacher, she was forced to fund state and national teachers’ unions whose politics and divisive tactics degraded her profession, our schools, universities, and our national character. Standing Up to Goliath is Rebecca’s exposé of bully unions. Rebecca also founded For Kids and Country, a national movement of parents, teachers, students, faith leaders, and citizens uniting to restore our schools and culture. Rebecca lives in Southern California with her husband Charles, and their sons Kyle and Ben.