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Graduation speakerDiane Robertson

To have the opinion that the definition of marriage should not be changed to include same sex couples is very unpopular this spring.

Dr. Ben Carson, renowned, pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins has stepped down as Hopkins Commencement Speaker.  Some Hopkins students and faculty petitioned against Carson as the commencement speaker after his comments at the National Prayer breakfast and his comments about gay marriage while on the Sean Hannity show.  When asked about the Supreme Court cases regarding gay marriage Carson said:

“Well, my thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established, fundamental pillar of society, and no group — be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality, it doesn’t matter what they are — they don’t get to change the definition.”

Rotham, the dean of John Hopkins medical school, criticized Carson’s comments as being “hurtful”.

Carson apologized for his comments, but still opted not to speak. In an email to Rotham, Carson said:

“Someday in the future, it is my hope and prayer that the emphasis on political correctness will decrease and we will start emphasizing rational discussion of differences so we can actually resolve problems and chart a course that is inclusive of everyone.”

Dr. Carson is a great man who with hard work moved from a childhood of severe poverty to world renowned surgeon. It is a shame the John Hopkins’ students will not get the opportunity to learn from a man who has lived the American Dream to its fullest potential.

In a similar story in Grosse Point, MI, the student club, “Young Americans for Freedom,” raised the $18,000 and secured school approval to have former Senator Rick Santorum come to South Point High to speak to the students about “Leadership”. When the school superintendent, Dr. Thomas Harwood, got word of the event, he cancelled it.  After enough student and parent outrage the superintendent decided to allow the event to occur.

The student group claims that the Superintendent cancelled the event based on Santorum’s views on  gay marriage and education. The Superintendent is now denying this and saying that it was cancelled because Santorum had not sent in a copy of his speech. Santorum never received a request for his speech. The students who organized the event as well as parents complained about the cancellation. Under pressure, the superintendent compromised to allow the event to continue if students attending have a signed permission slip.

Langston Bowens, an 18-year-old senior at South Point High School, said some teachers became angry when Santorum’s appearance was announced. He said they sent video clips from Santorum’s speeches to the principal and the district superintendent, demanding the event be canceled.

“The teachers called Santorum a bigot and a racist,” Bowens said. “They said he is controversial and shouldn’t speak in front of students.”

Santorum has said:

“This issue has always been about our First Amendment rights to freely share our views. Sadly, it wasn’t until the superintendent faced tremendous pressure from parents, students, the media and even a few of his colleagues at the school that he relented. It is unfortunate that students are required to get permission slips from their parents to hear a speech on leadership and public service.”

I find it difficult to believe that educators deem it educational to bring in planned parenthood and pro-gay groups that teach about explicit sexual practices in the names of “equality”, “anti-bullying”, and “safe sex” without calling for parent permission, yet the same people would require permission slips for students to hear a speech on “leadership” simply because the speaker is a strong enough person to support traditional marriage in the face of tremendous opposition.