Euthanasia: “A beautiful example”

Euthanasia: “A beautiful example”

A warm British-accented voice intones:  “A funeral took place today of an elderly couple who decided to undergo euthanasia because they couldn’t imagine a life without the other…”

In a classic example of how euthanasia is being normalized and mainstreamed, this video regarding a Belgium couple gives many of the standard talking points used to promote euthanasia.

  • the ability to control not only your life, but your death
  • be involved in your funeral arrangements
  • no need to suffer unnecessarily
  • no need to draw other people into your problems

The academic who is interviewed points out that this couple ending their lives was “an important signal breaking taboo.  So that his can be viewed as a normal way of dying and viewed that way by the community at large.”  He also acknowledges that it is happening “more and more;” noting that “non-terminal partners also have the option” to end their lives.

He then chillingly states:  “This is just a beautiful example…”

He’s right.   It is a beautiful example of a culture of death as it seeps into a society.


  • Marjohna
    Posted at 16:11h, 30 April

    No the younger generation can become more and more self-absorbed as they do not ‘have’ to take care of the old folks. This is not just advancement of the culture of death, but of selfishness and faithlessness as well. What a sad, empty future. I personally took care of Grandma in my home for seven years when she had Alzheimers. It was hard and I was not good at it, but I would not trade the character building it accomplished for me for anything.

  • Bob Fournier
    Posted at 18:35h, 02 June

    Killing of another by whatever means, by some, is a “beautiful” thing.
    What a sick society we are becoming when klling becomes a normal act.
    When a terminal person agrees to having another end his or her life that person becomes a party to murder and so is the party providing the means. At 77 I’ve been present to many friends dying and all had become resigned to the fact of dying with acceptance, without the help of anyone.

    Bob Fournier

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