Kevorkian: “I haven’t been stopped.”

Kevorkian: “I haven’t been stopped.”

Dr. Jack Kevorkian was interviewed by Anderson Cooper last week and that everybody should watch.

Kevorkian, often called as Dr. Death, is famous for his advocacy for euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. The interview is a clear continuation of that work and presumably comes as part of a promotional push for the upcoming HBO film celebrating his life, You Don’t Know Jack.

The interview is worth watching. It gives a clear picture of the distorted compassion behind the euthanasia movement and the battle we have ahead of ourselves in defending the sanctity of life. Kevorkian makes it very clear that this is an issue he and others will continue to push forward.

“Like the judge says, ‘You have now been stopped,’” he says. “Well, she was wrong. I haven’t.”

“I still push for this issue. And when the chance comes, I will do it the way it should be done.”

You can watch the video here.

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