Reader Poll: “Is Euthanasia going to be culturally and politically promoted as a solution to aging and overburdened social programs?”

Reader Poll: “Is Euthanasia going to be culturally and politically promoted as a solution to aging and overburdened social programs?”

We asked our readers this question:

“Do you think that “‘duty to die” and euthanasia may eventually be culturally and politically promoted as a solution for the overburdened social programs caused by an abundance of aging baby boomers?”

Here’s how they responded:

Never Happen             7 Percent

Yes, it will happen       89 Percent

We sure hope that our readers are wrong, but we fear they are not going to be.  Demographic projections are quite clear – there aren’t enough children being born to continue to support the social programs currently in place for the aging population, particularly the large group of individuals commonly known as the “baby boom generation.”

Which brings us to another question:  United Families was contacted by a man who told us that the term “baby boomers” is derogatory and we shouldn’t ever be using that term.  We were quite surprised; we weren’t aware of a negative connotation associated with the term.  So we ask you:  “In your mind and experience, is the title “baby boom generation” a negative term?”   Respond and let us know!

  • Diane Robertson
    Posted at 22:23h, 18 August

    No. My mom has always been proud to be a baby boomer

  • t
    Posted at 03:51h, 19 August

    I am a human being, created by God and put in this world for a reason and a purpose.
    Whatever others call me or classify me into, doesn’t really matter.
    How can one human be so arrogant and think it has the right to judge some other humans right to live or not.
    We are all on the same level and cannot even determine if we want to be born or not…..GOD is in control…..always was.

  • Charles Brow
    Posted at 05:54h, 19 August

    No it doesn’t bother me a bit. But it doesn’t matter, there is always some one who want to get it the lime light by making a fuss about nothing.

  • Nancy Logan
    Posted at 06:01h, 19 August

    Not at all. It is the badge of our generation.

  • carol
    Posted at 09:46h, 19 August

    sadly, this is a REAL likely possibility. after all, the government can’t afford to cover everything for long. i think the possibility extends beyond the elderly to the handicapped and babies who might be born with a handicap. if you let the government pay for your pre-natal care, you won’t have much of a choice.

  • Kay Przybille
    Posted at 10:12h, 19 August

    No. I’m tired of hearing from the word police. Baby Boomers have not been discriminated against, shot, hanged, tortured or starved because they were born in a certain year. Where’s the derision?

  • Dennis Taylor
    Posted at 11:25h, 19 August

    It is appropriate to be courteous and responsible in our speech, but political correctness has gone way too far. Too many read too much into so little.

  • anon
    Posted at 14:59h, 26 August

    To Charles Brow – Let me assure you, I am not interested in the limelight. I have enough of that without trying. I am offended by the term, a disrespectful slur in reference to the sexual activities of my parents, and I have the right to express my feelings in the matter. My submissions anonymous and I will not sign this reply, so how am I trying to get in the limelight?

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