Great Power From a Simple Act

Great Power From a Simple Act

by Erin Weist

From some of our earliest records of mankind we learn that people began to “call upon the name of the Lord.” (Genesis 4:26)  Whether through fair times or famine, battle or prosperity, the history of calling upon God in supplication or gratitude is well-known in many different societies and civilizations.  The world that we live in can often feel overwhelming, even dark at times, but great strength can be found through calling on God for help, for ourselves and others.


When a natural disaster or violent act is committed in a community it is not uncommon to hear scoffers ridicule those who encourage prayer as a solace.  Those that misunderstand the power of prayer mock its usefulness as a tool.  It is true that prayers alone are sometime insufficient and that actions must join and thereby strengthen our call to God, but sincere prayers are heard and answered, as can be attested by those of faith who have seen miracles, both small & great, in their lives.


Those in the Christian faith can attest to story after story of remarkable prayers and remarkable blessings in the Holy Bible, as well as can those of other faiths in their own holy books.  These accounts stand as reminders to us of those that have gone before: they remind us of our inevitable mortality, that everyone encounters opposition and affliction in some way; they teach us of  repeated mistakes made generation after generation in hopes that we will learn from them rather than repeat them ourselves; they embolden us with their examples of courage and faith, encouraging us to be better every day.


Whether you have holy texts or personal spiritual accounts from your own family, my hope is that we will read them and remember.  Remember to learn from history.  Remember that God reaches out his hand to each nation on the earth and that we must, too.  Remember that prayer can be a powerful tool for finding answers, finding peace, and finding help.  Remember most of all to never give up, but move forward in faith & prayer.  It may very well be the only thing that will heal our nations.

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